I am a post-doctoral researcher at Swiss Paraplegic Research. In August 2014 I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Lausanne under the supervision of Prof. Rafael Lalive. In 201
1 I completed the PhD course program of the Swiss National Bank Study Center Gerzensee. I received a B.A. in Economics and in International Affairs at University of St. Gallen in 2007 and an M.Sc in Economics at University of Lausanne in 2009.

My primary research interests include labor economics, health economics, program and policy evaluation, and applied microeconometrics.

In the fields of labor and health economics, I am interested in the analysis of labor market participation of vulnerable groups in a broad sense. Vulnerable groups can be unemployed job seekers, older workers or persons with disabilities. In the context of my dissertation, I analyze the effects of une
mployment insurance changes on post-unemployment outcomes. A further research focus consists in evaluating the role of reservation wages for the duration of unemployment. In my current research I also analyze labor market outcomes of persons (and their spouses) who experienced negative health shocks.

In the field of environmental economics - my third chapter in my dissertation - I focus on the role of information for electricity consumption. I am involved in evaluating a large randomized field experiment in the city of Zurich that investigates the electricity savings potentials of different types of information.

On this page you will find information regarding my academic research, my teaching activities as well as my CV.

Here is a pdf version of my CV.