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This site will allow for partners to comment on identified open spaces in the Kathmandu Valley and provide their insights as to the use and viability of each site.  Please click on the pages below for each site to input your comments. 

DIRECTIONS on How to Utilize this Website:

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1.  On the front page (below) you may click on the map to see the open spaces to get an idea of their location

2.  You may comment in the right column on general issues related to each site and your thoughts

3.  On the left side column you will find a list of all 83 Open Spaces, please click on each one and add your comments and choose a suggested use.

4.  You are requested to visit each page and to provide your inputs and comments on the initial inputs from the team on the site's use.

     Comments should include your views on each site, any information you may have on the site, and reservations on the use of the site.

1. Open Spaces Report (click) 

2. Summary of Open Spaces Allocation Report (click)

3.  EIA Report (Debris Collection & Management Sites)

4. Kathmandu Valley Post-Disaster Debris Management Strategic Plan (uploading soon)

5. For all map files please click the following link:  Map of Locations

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