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Romeyn Beck Hough Wood Specimen Collection 1,200,000 wood cutting by Hough himself is up for sale RIGHT NOW.






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Romeyn Beck Hough Wood Specimen Collection 

Presentation by Jon P. Speller 

Extraordinary HOUGH WOOD SPECIMEN COLLECTION up for sale!

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Synopsis concerning 1,100,000 rare Hough Wood Specimen Collection and 1,300 rare Hough Wood Specimen Special Auxiliary Collection

I.  Rationale for Institutional Purchase of the Hough Wood Specimen Collection

II. History of the Collection

III. Documentation On The Collection 

IV. Evaluation of the Monetary Value of the Collection 

V. Special Auxiliary Collection Offer

VI. Full 1958 Text for Special Auxiliary Collection Wood Sections

VII. Geographical Distribution Range Maps for Special Auxiliary Collection Offer Wood Sections


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    The one of a kind rare Hough Wood Specimen Collection being offered by this Presentation comprises over 1,100,000 scientific wood specimens - transverse, radial or tangential actual translucent wood sections of each of more than 400 species that were cut out of the heart of trees by Romeyn Beck Hough (1857-1924) himself between 1888 and 1920. The Special Auxiliary Hough Wood Specimen Collection comprises 1,300 specimens, also cut by Romeyn Beck Hough himself,  includes transverse, radial or tangential actual translucent wood sections of ten selected species representing 46 States of the US, or 92% of the states the United States, as well as some Canadian Provinces and areas of Mexico. 

    The replacement cost of reproducing this Collection would be immensely expensive, if technologically possible at all, considering the fact that Romeyn Beck Hough himself, using his own technology, located and cut all of the specimens out of the heart of trees of each species, and even locating such trees today of the 400 species in the Collection would be economically prohibitive. As the late Dean of the School of Forestry and Professor of Wood Technology at Duke University Ellwood Scott Harrar wrote in his February 25, 1957 Preface to Volume I of HOUGH'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AMERICAN WOODS, published by Robert Speller & Sons, Publishers: "The necessity of obtaining authentic material for sectioning was a no small undertaking in itself. Mr. Hough insisted that each species cut be accompanied by herbarium material, lest the authenticity of a specimen be questioned." 

  The age of the specimens cut by Romeyn Beck Hough himself gives them tremendous importance from an ecological standpoint. Not only scientifically, but artistically as well, the specimens in this Collection represent nature's work and art in a rare and unique form. Further, initial DNA related work on wood now taking place in a pioneering phase can enable the Collection to have a unique potential value as related to future scientific pure and applied research.

    The qualified non-profit institution that acquires the Hough Wood Specimen Collection will have a treasure unique to itself among the world's institutions, a treasure, in the words of the Scientific American September 1982 Issue, that is "the legacy of a century of scholarly energy and devotion and a paradigm of technical documentation, reaching beyond symbol and icon to collect between its covers a representative sample of the natural world in all its unmatched variety." This unmatched variety exemplifies not only the achievement of exact scientific observation and analysis, but also the natural artistic beauty found in nature. Thus, in addition to being in many higher level educational institutions and public libraries, and other important institutions, both public and private, Hough wood specimens are found at the Getty Research Institute Research Library at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Two major art auction houses realized relevant per section prices in 2004 for comprehensive - more than 1,000 sections - collections of original Romeyn Beck Hough specimens.

    The unique Hough Wood Specimen Collection of actual wood sections cut by pioneer forester Romeyn Beck Hough himself is of such extremely rare importance that a valuation per such section of $20.00 each represents a conservative estimate - and below the mean price being asked for these historic scientific specimens today - as determined by authorities such as Donald A. Heald, who is considered to be the leading authority on rare botany books today.

    The 1,100,000 wood section Hough Wood Specimen Collection, presently in secure storage, is therefore priced at delivery price of $22,000,000.00, although a single qualified non-profit institution, or individual or corporate patron thereof, can possibly acquire the Collection for one half of that price.


The 1,300 rare Hough Wood Specimen Special Auxiliary Collection is ready for sale right now which, also containing only wood sections cut by Romeyn Beck Hough himself, is one of a rare kind collection of the ten species of woods utilized in 1958 in HOUGH'S AMERICAN WOODS BASIC VISUAL AID KIT that was prepared and published by Jon P. Speller of Robert Speller & Sons, Publishers a half century ago. The Special Auxiliary Collection is being offered right now  of  a immediate sale and delivery price of only $10,000.00 today.Click the above sections links V,VI for more details.