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May 2009:Kathleen is now a post grad student working on her MA in Teaching K-12 grades



The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily


Sunday 4 October 2009 (15 Shawwal 1430)




King Abdullah’s commendable initiative

Your editorial, “Interfaith dialogue” (Oct. 2) is not only insightful, but very profound in its suggestions! As a “middle-aged” postgraduate college student in the United States, I was especially excited at its recommendation for dialogue and cooperation to be initiated in school systems everywhere!

The teenagers in secondary education institutions everywhere now need to have in their schools’ curricula exposure to understanding concerning the unity in diversity of the nations and faiths of this world, and to be encouraged to cooperate with each other around the world. As the song from the Broadway and silver screen musical classic “The King and I” goes: “Getting to know you” should be the initial step.

The success of talented Serbian expat photographer Budislav Bulatovic’s photographic exhibition on Saudi Arabia in Belgrade shows very well a potential cross-cultural educational tool to be used, even in New York City in the US! A Muslim American educator colleague of mine, Mithat Gashi, and I are exploring that possibility, inspired by your wonderful editorial!

The great spiritual and temporal work of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah at the core of your editorial is ripe to be received by students of every faith and nationality everywhere and he certainly should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his message above and beyond the internecine political and violent frays that so disrupt humanity’s peace and progress! Indeed, to paraphrase the New England abolitionist and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The message is the lengthened shadow of but one man,” and King Abdullah is the man who has established new parameters for nonviolence, dialogue, and cooperation through thoughtful understanding! The Arab News editorial presents a very practical method to infuse that message into the next generation everywhere.

Kathleen Shedaker, New York, published 4 October 2009



 Kathleen Shedaker Letter to the Editor published in ARAB NEWS, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia , Sunday August 2,2009


Sunday 2 August 2009 (11 Sha`ban 1430)


Plummeting profits


This refers to Arab News editorial, “Plummeting profits,” (Aug. 1). Falling profits should be subjected to thoughtful analysis by all people concerned with energy costs. It should become axiomatic that “Doing nothing is doing something in negative values” as is pointed out in the editorial.

The editorial in its conclusion stated: “A recurring cycle of high-speed economic growth followed by a crash followed by new growth followed by crash is crazy. Nobody gains. Now is the time to plan ahead ... Doing nothing is not a sane option.”

As an MBA graduate student in international business, “doing nothing” seems to me to be a gross insanity, both in failure to manage fossil energy resources and other depletable natural resources. For example, the US Geological Survey released preliminary results in 2007 indicating that Afghanistan could be a major source of copper, another important mineral in international trade. But nothing has been really done by USAID to encourage development of those resources, even in the quite secure Hazara-inhabited provinces which represent approximately 20 percent of Afghanistan’s ethnic groups!

Saudi Arabia has long tried to draw attention to the necessity for logical management of the world’s petroleum resources, but even though it is the world’s major producer of that vital commodity, far from adequate attention has been paid to Riyadh’s noble advocacy on that vital issue throughout the world. May Arab News keep up the good work in continuing its advocacy on this issue, and may all the “powers that be” wake up and understand that producer and consumer cooperation and coordination in regard to all non-renewable, and even renewable, natural resources is necessary. These even include water resources that could become a key to peace processes in many places on our troubled little planet.

Kathleen Shedaker, New York published 2 August 2009



 My Mother at 19 years of age.

This Website is dedicated to my blessed Mother 


Jessica Mae Gould 1925-1984 

daughter of Roy Emerson Gould Very close  relative

(1 microgenepool)from
Essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson and astronomer

Professor Benjamin Apthorp Gould


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About: Kathleen Shedaker

In my early years I had an interest in some of my Bostonian kinfolk of my mother's Gould family that had founded Revere, Massachusetts in the 1600's. I was especially interested in close family relatives from the 19th century, essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson and astronomer Professor Benjamin Apthorp Gould, who was scientific adviser to President Abraham Lincoln. My mother had been unable because of World War II to make her planned traditional family “Grand Tour” of Europe in 1940, so I as a teenager made the “Grand Tour” for her to Paris, Rome, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona and even Tangier in Morocco. It was a broadening experience, which, however, at the time did not translate into an incentive to stay on my educational course. Instead, I went into movies and appeared in a number of films, although that career never took off.



 Cleve Backster has conducted extensive research related to observed electrical responses in plant life and at a cellular level in other living organisms. His research, in what has been called "the Backster Effect," has attracted world-wide attention. His work has been featured in the best selling book, The Secret life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, Deepak Chopra's book, the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, and The Secret Life of Your Cells, by Robert Stone. He is thefounder of the Backster Research Foundationand an international speaker on the subject of bio-communication.




Then in 1985 in San Diego I became a subject in the cutting edge oral leucocyte monitoring experiments of Cleve Backster, the world's leading expert on the polygraph. Cleve then hired me to be Assistant Coordinator for his Backster Research Foundation, Inc.Lecture at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC later in 1985. Relocating in NYC, in 1986 I founded a small publishing firm, Morning Star Press, and also accepted employment as a researcher at the Press Office Saudi Arabia in NYC where I was tasked to locate and extract data from many scholarly works and journals and newspapers, magazines and books, as well as from United Nations documents. In 1995 I also volunteered to serve as Assistant to the Representative of the Bosniac National Council of Sanjak, enabling me to help refugees from the Balkans.

In 1996 I began work as co-author of The American Dynasty Database ,continuing the pioneering horizontal genealogical research of my co-author, Jon P. Speller. Our book was published in 1998.

Having the idea of transforming much of that work from a genealogical to a genetic relationship basis, I developed the concept of microgenepools, producing a Microgenepools Research Monograph in 2000.

Meanwhile I had decided to resume my long interrupted academic career and presently a post grad student working on my MBA with a Specialty in International Business. In 1999 I had begun my studies at Monroe College, Bronx, New York, from which I received my Associate Degree in Business Administration in 2001, and my Bachelor's degree in Business Management in 2003. I was the only undergraduate from Monroe College to become a biographee in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA (since 2002-) but I was invited because of my microgenepool research work.


 The Classic Seed Money In Action

In 2003 I became co-author of the revised The Classic Seed Money in Action. In 1986, when my husband and I were on a trip to Washington, D.C. and saw the following temporary statue of Jesus Christ  in front of the U.S. Capitol, I took the above spiritual dimension photograph, which my husband and I decided to make it the cover of the Ebook version of our book.


 Million Copy Best Seller

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 How "Seed Money" Can Make You Rich



The Beatles helped to spread peace and harmony around the world, and my husband, Dr. Jon Speller, author of SEED MONEY IN ACTION, was pleased to hear 25 years ago that Beatle George Harrison had read and liked his spiritual classic!


Beatles Website

  free music website



In 2004 I became Assistant to Vice President Robert E. B. Speller, Jr. of Robert Speller & Sons, Publishers Inc which has copyrights of many noted scholarly works in its inventory, and in 2006 I became Vice President of Robert Speller & Sons, Publishers, Inc. under Robert E. B. Speller, Jr., who is also a biographee in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA for his accomplishments in the arts, academia, and publishing.

Click the link below 2008 to access the 2008 Catalog of my Morning Star Press books which include many classic books in many scientific, historical, religious and cultural fields. One of special interest in the wonderful world of music is the major 20th century book on Bel canto in opera


Bel canto enabled world famous opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti to reach the pinnacle of success in that area of music. He compares in prestige and standing in opera to the Beatles in the world of popular music. 



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Svengali's Secrets and Memoirs of the Golden Age

 by J. H. Duval






 Product details:

List Price: $40.00

Hardcover: 181 pages

 Original Publisher: Robert Speller and Sons, Publishers, 1958


 Description of Book:

Maestro J. H. Duval was the voice coach of famous opera singer Titta Ruffo, and The New York Times caled his book,  Svengali's Secrets and Memoirs of the Golden Age, "Recollections of an authority on bel canto."  Opera News reviewed the book with the following comments: "J. H. Duval's Svengali's Secrets and Memoirs of the Golden Age is a small and very special book that possesses instantaneous appeal for all who rejoice in the mere sound of a beautiful voice...The last part of the book, containing practical and vocal advice on how to make a career, will appeal not only to aspiring singers but to the layman, for it is filled with observations, examples and anecdotes. Mr. Duval's little book is an absolute must for all lovers of opera as revealed through beautiful singing." The National Association of Teachers of Singing Bulletin said of  this book: "Fascinating volume...one of the twentieth century's foremost authorities on Bel Canto reminisces intriguingly...no dull textual moments...no recent book is better adapted for a place among the literature to be found on the table in vocal studio waiting rooms." From his studio in the old Metropolitan Opera House in New York City Maestro J. H. Duval taught or coached many opera singers of the last century.  In his book he also reminisces about his association with D'Annunzio, Puccini, Maurel, Massenet, del Puente, Ruffo and other leading singers and composers of the first six decades of the twentieth century. This book is a must read for any teacher of voice and is a classic book on music within global culture, belonging in every library collection on the wonderful world of music. Any aspiring Pavarotti of the twenty first century must surely read Maestro Duval's authoritative book on bel canto, for, as reported in its obituary of Luciano Pavarotti on September 6, 2007, The Times (London) said that Pavarotti "built up his infallible technical security from a strong foundation of bel canto."

Reviewed in The Book Exchange, London: "One of the present century's greatest authorities on bel canto provides a fascinating picture of famous singers...very pleasant...reading includes much valuable advice."

Luciano Pavarotti was one of the great knights of the wonderful world of music. He was a Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI, and thus elevated by his native Italy to the rank of chivalry. The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden in London, one of the foremost opera houses in the world, provides a cultural linkage between great opera singer Pavarotti and the British "Fab Four" - the Beatles from Liverpool, England.

Luciano Pavarotti

 The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, England


The British "Fab Four" Beatles were honored with chivalry status, each appointed a Member (MBE) of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by  their Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Just as Pavarotti, born the son of a  baker in the Ducal city of Modena in Italy, was elevated to chivalry status by his native Italy. The "Fab Four" Beatles, "ordinary people" from Liverpool, England, are deserving of their status of chivalry conferred by the British Crown as great contemporary cultural icons in the world. On March 11, 1997 Paul McCartney was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his "services to music." Sir Paul dedicated his knighthood to his fellow Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr and to the people of Liverpool.

 Below is a photograph of John Lennon, MBE rehearsing"Give Peace a Chance" in 1969, the year  I turned "Sweet Sixteen"; a photograph of Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE (Paul McCartney) performing live on June 6, 2004 in the now democratic old Czech Royal capital of Prague; a photograph of George Harrison, MBE taken when he visited the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC in 1974; and a photograph of Richard Starkey, MBE (Ringo Starr) in 2007 urging Love and Peace!



 John Lennon, MBE

Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE (Paul McCartney)

George Harrison, MBE

 Richard Starkey, MBE (Ringo Starr)

During the past ten years I have also been engaged in research and activities ranging from letters to the editor in Arab News in Saudi Arabia to try to help "Give Peace a Chance" as the song sung by Sir John Lennon, MBE urges, to the writing of poetry, all designed to help encourage awareness and appreciation of the unity in diversity among the world's diverse religions, ethnicities and nationalities, and to discourage the use of violence in human affairs.






Kathleen Shedaker's   Writing Samples


  1. MICROGENEPOOLS Research Monograph, 2000 

  2. Abstract, MICROGENEPOOLS Research Monograph, 2000 

  3. Excerpt from Sections 6 and 7, MICROGENEPOOLS Research Monograph, 2000 

  4. “If I Can, You Can” article from Monroe College Alumni Latest News 2001 

  5. Published Letters to the Editor, ARAB NEWS, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  2003

  6. Update:Letter to the Editor published in ARAB NEWS, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia , Sunday August 2, 2009

  7. Update: Letters to the Editor published in ARAB NEWS, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Saturday October 4,  2009

  8. 2 Poems, “In Your Prayer,” 2008  "My Blanket of Many Colors"1965 


     March 9, 2008 my meeting with Dr Muhammad Yunus 

    Nobel Peace Laureate. Dr. Muhammad Yunus greets audience members gathered at the Lehman College Lovinger Theatre for his lecture on "Social Business Is the Solution".


     March 9, 2008

     I, and my friend and colleague, Contributing Editor to Morning Star Press and faculty member of Lehman College, CUNY, Mithat Gashi, very much enjoyed the lecture by Prof. Yunus at Lehman College. His lecture was very practical and encouraging.  His ideas are very clear. He is a man of great vision and commitment to improve the lives of poor people. Most people write about eliminating poverty and they establish theoretical frameworks and waste lots of paper and ink.  Prof. Yunus is a man who thinks of the final product, produces it, and then reflects upon it. The world needs more people like him.
  10. At the reception too many people were around him. I managed to shake hands with him and have a few pictures taken. I gave him my husband Dr Jon Speller's excellent article he wrote about Prof. Yunus published in the Arab News March 9,2008. We then moved on to the table and munched out on veggies. Professor Yunus was all smiles then. Do  click the link below to hear Professor Yunus talk and see the event.


 Kathleen Shedaker's great Discovery of

 MICROGENEPOOLS Research Monograph, 2000

2. , MICROGENEPOOLS Research Monograph, 2000

Upon completing my 500 page Monograph in the year of the Millennium after 8 years of intense scientific research.

I was invited  to become a biographee in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA (since 2002-) because of my microgenepool research work.


3. Excerpt from Sections 6 and 7, MICROGENEPOOLS Research Monograph, 2000

Kathleen developed a methodology that includes the principle that "the farther back you go and across the closer you get."She called this principle " Kathleen's Law."


 4.If I Can, You Can” article from Monroe College Alumni Latest News 2001


Monroe College | Alumni | Latest News

My Commencement June 7,2003 Photo with President of Monroe College Stephen J. Jerome 


Published on: 8/30/2001 

Kathleen Shedaker, "If I Can, You Can"

Kathleen Shedaker, student and professional scientific researcher, who was granted the degree of Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration from Monroe, has a message for every mother who wishes to pursue her higher education: "Do it! If I can, you can!" Even though it was more than twenty five years since she had last been in a classroom, Kathleen returned to college in the fall of 1999. While earning her Associate Degree she was on the Honor's List four times. The degree from Monroe helped Kathleen complete her scientific research. "After completing my five hundred page Research Monograph on my discovery of Micro Gene Pools, I was invited to become a biographee in Who's Who in America, Fifty-Sixth Edition, 2002." This most important reference work cites as the criteria for inclusion, "those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their own fields of endeavor and who have, thereby, contributed significantly to the betterment of contemporary society." "Without attending Monroe College," Kathleen says, "I would never have received such an honor!"

Monroe Graduates are Shining!



The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily


5. Kathleen Shedaker Letters to the Editor published in ARAB NEWS, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2003

Mutual Distrust

With all due respect for Dr. Hisham Sharabi, the “new world view” of the United States that he cites is neither really “new” nor truly a “world view.” America, in many ways representing a microcosm of the world through immigration to its shores, has long looked on the rest of the world with a mixture of affection, benign neglect, and occasional hostility. The “world view” that now so often seems to be very belligerent has been more of a response to the Sept. 11 attack within our country, skillfully harnessed by some intellectuals to push their own agendas than a truly “new world view.”

The role of the media, both in the Arab World, the United States and the rest of the world, should be to try to put issues into perspective, decrying the violence that only enhances polarization. All in all, Arab News has done a better job in that respect than most other organs of news and opinion, whether in the Arab World or in the United States.

Directing one’s thinking toward the spiritual dimension of one’s words is truly the Islamic way, not a thoughtless stirring of passions that inculcate confrontations and misunderstandings. Carefully presenting facts, moderated by understanding and love, is a task at which the journalistic profession needs to become more subtly adept if its members are truly to be better “citizens of the world.”

Kathleen Shedaker • New York, published 13 October 2003

Evolutionary Democracy

The editorial “Saudi Elections” (Oct. 14) thoughtfully assesses the milestone in evolutionary democracy prudently adopted by Saudi Arabia. That it initiates electoral processes “from the ground up” on local levels is both wise and prudent in adapting universal democratic norms within the cultural matrix of Saudi Arabia, and above all, within the spiritual values of Islam. It is also refreshing that the evolutionary process is self-evidently Saudi-generated, and not the result of foreign pressures, which always tend to foster revolutionary rather than evolutionary change.

Friends of Saudi Arabia and of true Islam can only rejoice at this significant step in Saudi internal affairs, and pray for divine guidance for Saudi Arabia as the process further evolves. Insha-Allah, Saudi Arabia will in time become a regional, indeed global, beacon for peacefully and prudently incorporating the spiritual dimension within the democratic body politic.

Kathleen Shedaker • New York, US published 22 October 2003



6.   Poems, “In Your Prayer,” 2008 

In Your Prayer

I, sitting here with pen in hand, going within

and writing my thoughts and giving thanks, Amen.

Now seeing clear visions and Angels touching hands,

a world filled with beauty without demands.

Your shadows here, loved ones' shadows there, from candles lit everywhere,

all with clasped hands in prayer.

Oh meditating, thinking and traveling again,

leaving footsteps behind in the sand.

Unsure of each crossing road and weary bend,

sorting out and making amends.

Relief as you close one door and open another to anew begin,

learning to not throw stones, my friend.

Prayerfully take control, it is your life you know,

for whom within your light will glow.

Reward without measure, diamonds, rubies, pearls or stones, you know,

which would you choose? Not a stone to throw!

A wildflower, lily, or roses with thorns?

what would you choose to garland your throne?

You must choose, while one can, by asking in your prayer again and again,

for all will meet the Wisdom of God's Divine Plan.

Ever think of what shall you take of what you've grown on the land?

the Holy Spirit will show the light within the plan.

Righteousness based on God's love and your mother's nurturing ways, and

giving thanks day by day in your prayer, Amen.

~Kathleen Shedaker

Above poem was blessed by my friend Metropolitan Monk Simeon


Blessings by distinguished Eastern Orthodox Christian prelate and theologian, Metropolitan Simeon of the Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarchate Archdiocese of Western and Central Europe.I feel very blessed when he learned that my Father was kill by an automobile in my teenage days (16)1970 .My dear friend Monk Simeon,then told me that I may consider him my Father and call him Father.



Below is a poem I wrote  in my tender years

Just For Me

My Blanket of Many Colors,

brings a Vision unto me.

Kept me warm through Winter,

she fell fast asleep.

While  dreaming of sheep,

My Lord and Soul to keep.

In My Blanket of Many Colors, 

My Ma made just for me. 

 ~Kathleen Edith Shedaker 12yrs old 1965



My 1965 school picture . I cut my bangs and mess them up as you can see through the more longer bangs! 

Just call me ,Ms Kat

This Website is also dedicated to all women who dare to Dream

Catskill Mountains,NY

My  Birthday May 2,2008

 in my car smiling at my son,

Jon below with me.