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Creating a Better Hillsborough Through Leadership and Collaboration

Your Voice and Ideas Matter!

As your Town Board Member, I will continue to reach out to the community to understand your priorities and concerns for our Town as well as to keep you informed of Town business. I also encourage you to share your thoughts here or send me an email at Kathleen.Ferguson at I look forward to an engaging conversation as together we shape the future of Hillsborough.

Community Service Pledge

As your Town Board member, my pledge to the citizens of Hillsborough is:

§       To actively listen to the views expressed by the many and from those  rarely heard—not just from the loudest;

§        To promote balanced, data-driven decision-making: Asking the hard questions when needed, evaluating diverse sides of an issue, and seeking out reliable, relevant information for greater understanding;

§        To always be mindful of citizen wishes and community values in light of fiscal, economic, social, environmental, and legal considerations; and

§         To work equally as hard to keep the citizens of Hillsborough informed of Town Business.  

Kathleen Ferguson,
Nov 10, 2013, 11:39 AM