The Mysterious John Husted
John Husted, born 1758

Son of an unknown John Husted

of Dutchess County, New York

Our John apparently had three brothers, Moses, born 1748 in Dutchess County, New York - or maybe New Jersey, he said in his Revolutionary War Pension Records, Gilbert, born about 1749, Robert, born 1755 in "The Highlands" Dutchess County, New York (according to his Revolutionary War Pension Records), and a sister, Ann, born about 1760.  John was born in 1758 and I have not found out exactly where.

This family showed up in Virginia as early as 1772, when a John Heughsted homesteaded 400 acres on Barclay's Creek (now Berkeley's Run).  I will assume that is John the father, whom I have assigned a birthdate of about 1725.   

The wonderful book, Lord Dunmore's Little War of 1774 by Warren Skdmore, documents that Gilbert, Moses and Robert served in Lord Dunmore's War of 1774.  Lord Dunmore had gathered about 400 men primarily residents from the Youghiogheny and Monongahela River areas of Virginia and Pennsylvania to attack Indian towns all along the Ohio River.  Indians felt increasingly threatened by settlers' encroachment on lands they used for hunting.  The settlers and Indians clashed often!  Gilbert and Moses served under Captain David Scott; Robert under Captain Michael Cresap.  They were mustered out at Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh) in 1775.

Gilbert, Robert and John Husted signed a petition to the Governor of Virginia to make the West Augusta District a separate county in 1777.   Many settlers had come into the far western borders  of Virginia and Augusta was too far to travel for them for court and other legal issues.  They wanted a closer government center.  John, b. 1758, would have been 19 in 1777 - so was that him or his father, John, b. 1725 who signed the petition?

John, b. 1758, is missing from the Harrison County, Tax Records during the period, 1777 - 1789; but shows up in 1790, with 2 males over 21 and 2 horses.  I am not sure who the other male was - perhaps his father, John, b. 1725, or a father-in-law.  Robert was in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Gilbert was in Kentucky and Moses was listed separately in the Harrison County records.  John the father, was sometimes in Harrison County, Virginia and sometimes in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Where was John, b. 1758, during those missing years? Another county in Virginia?  in Kentucky with his Uncle Gilbert?  (More research needed...)

According to the tax records from 1790-1809, John, Ann and their family were in Harrison County, Virginia.  During that time John had 3 sons show up on the tax records, only as males over 21, in his household.  I assume they were Samuel, John and Aaron.  John, b. 1782, is the only one of the three that we have a birth year because our cousin Paul has found his cemetery record.

In 1808, John showed up on the Champaign County, Ohio tax records.  In 1809, John and Ann sold their property to Thomas Gwathrop and we do not see their family in Harrison County, Virginia anymore.  Their son, Samuel, took care of the property when Gwathrop defaulted on his deed of trust. 

Many researchers have accepted the DAR records of this family.  They have assumed that Moses, Gilbert, Robert, John and Ann were children of a John Husted, b. 1731, in Dutchess County, New York.  Although John, b. 1731, was the only recorded John in Dutchess County at that time, I find that unplausible for a few reasons.  First of all, there is no record that John, b. 1731, ever left Dutchess County - and it has been stated that he died in the state of New York.  I find it very dubious that his young family would travel to Virginia by themselves.  Secondly,  it is highly unlikely that John, b. 1731, married at age 16 and had Moses in 1748 at the age of 17.  Thirdly, if you follow the tax records of Harrison County, Virginia, the John who was in Harrison County, had sons turning 21 during the time period 1804-1807.  This was a man who was in his 40s - which was our John, b. 1758.  This is the John and Ann who sold their property in 1809 and moved to Champaign County, Ohio. 

Last but not least, is the recent DNA evidence that seems pretty conclusive to me.  A descendant of Caleb Husted, brother to John, b. 1731, has had his DNA tested.  He has an unusual reading at marker 570 of 17.  The only other group of Husted men to have that marker are a group we call the Michigan group.  They are obviously the descendants of John, b. 1731.

The Virginia group does NOT have that marker.  They have their own unusual reading of 24 at marker 481.  There are two Connecticut men who have that same unusual marker - descendants of Angel, b. 1654.... no other Husted group has that marker.

And so... off on another search for the elusive John Husted!

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