Kathie's Felstuff

Being primarily a Family History site of the Felsted and Kemmerling Families

On the 11th of September 1962, the family of Mary Kathleen Kemmerling Russell and Ronald LaNay Felsted was established.  We were young college students, very much in love, idealistic and both first children!

We have survived good times and bad times,  poor times and rich times, hilarity and depressions,  job security and job insecurity, seven children, loss of our parents and life in general.  We are so blessed with many material things, a wonderful country and all the comforts of life.  We have seven delightful adult children, six super children-in-laws and twenty-three grandchildren!  How BLESSED we are. 

Our parents sacrificed for us and likewise, their parents sacrificed for them. 

This website is dedicated to our forebearers who made it possible for all we have.

February 2008 - Please note that this is a work in progress!