Education and Outreach

Growing up the daughter of a public school teacher greatly shaped the person I have become today. I love sharing my experiences and research with others, and I believe all scientists should disseminate their knowledge beyond the ivory towers of academia.


I am a regular contributor to, a free resource devoted to teaching students of all levels through answering questions posed online, verifying those answers, and explaining concepts clearly. In addition to writing in the subjects of Biology, Earth Science, and others, I am one of the founders of the Environmental Science subject and take my role as a Hero very seriously.

I was a member of the Canadian organization Let's Talk Science's Victoria Chapter, an award-winning nonprofit focused on bringing engaging, interactive programs to youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). As a volunteer for events held at the University of Victoria, I tried to share my personal interest in science with students and make the idea of a career in research more concrete. At events throughout the greater Victoria area, I was able to work with younger students and their parents.

I was also a member of the Canadian Association for Girls in Science Victoria Chapter. Working with girls roughly ages seven-sixteen, its purpose is to "promote, educate and support interest and confidence in STEM among girls." The goals of this organization are very near and dear to me, as I was intimidated by math and science until the last few years of my undergraduate studies. I believe we need to excite girls about STEM fields and make them feel comfortable early in their education.

Outreach through the world wide web and other media

I currently maintain the following collections through Google+: Amazon Rainforest, Conservation Science, Human Evolution, Society, Culture, and the Environment, and finally Remote Sensing and GIS: Conservation & Ecology. These collections are designed not only so I can keep track of exciting news and research but also for others with similar interests to view and share.

I am a Moderator of the Google+ community Biocultural Diversity, which seeks to bring together those interested in how the diversity of human cultural traits and non-human species connect to one another and contribute to the world around us.

While collecting data in Madagascar for my master's research, I created a blog specifically designed with an educational perspective. This blog, Let's Talk Primates, focused on my fieldwork in Madagascar. I revived it since returning from the field and focused on primate stories of all kinds, hoping to relay the latest, interesting research in primatology in a manner that is accessible for those outside of the field.

The University of Victoria Graduate Student Society puts out a radio program called "Beyond The Jargon" for the local community. This program brings graduate research to the public in a lighthearted, freely accessible, and jargon-free format. Colleen Clement, GSS Director of Communications, was kind enough to ask me to speak about my field work and interest in primates for the program. To listen, click here and scroll to find my name.

As a volunteer for the Bolivian Titi Monkey Project, I contributed to the project's blog, Titi Tales, and was inspired to devote a post to the primate pet trade.