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Katherine L. Holmes


First publication in a high school creative writing journal and a year's worth of feature stories in her college newspaper while she was copy editor (St. Olaf College), Katherine's first full-time job was as an editorial assistant at Augsburg Publishing in Minneapolis. Lillie Suburban Newspapers in North St. Paul was her next employment where she wrote news, reviews, and features.  

She went from there to the University of Minnesota's newly established Masters of English with an Emphasis in Writing program where she began with a fellowship and finished with work in fiction, working with Patricia Hampl, Chester Anderson, and Pierre Delattre. Also, she was involved with The Loft, acting as a committee member for their Northwind Story Hour and taking courses from children's editor Susan Pearson and author Jane Resh Thomas.

Since then, while writing, she did freelance editorial work for publishers in Minneapolis and Duluth (Carnival Enterprises – Macmillan, Skillings Mining Review, Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Holy Cow! Press).  She was a freshman composition instructor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and has worked at bookstores, both new and used.  Currently, she has an internet business as a bookseller.

Her outside interests are music, hiking, and swimming.  After deciding not to pursue a career in music, she still played flute and piccolo during college, in large ensemble and musical theater in the Twin Cites.  She currently lives in Duluth, Minnesota, liking its nearness to nature, what she was used to, growing up in southern Minnesota.

Curiosity Killed the Sphinx and Other Stories was released by Hollywood Books International in 2012.  

"The stories aren’t ghost stories, but there’s an eerie coolness in Holmes’s work ...  
In every story, there is something lurking just beyond the edges of eyesight."   -  E. D. Watson for Front Porch Journal

The Lawn Auction & Would You Like to Go Out Shoveling Tonight

FLUTE LORE, FLUTE TALES:  Artifacts, History, and Stories about the Flute contains color illustration on most pages.

"...a delightful source of historical information," - Library Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review




 "Simulations" from The Adirondack Review, Summer 2012.

 "Midwinter ghosts" from The Straddler, spring/summer 2011.

 "Patinas" from Stirring, January 2009.

 "Pulp", "The Summoning", "Twisted Tree", "Nyneve" from FRiGG, issue 21, summer 2008.


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The Wide Awake Loons is re-published with illustration.

"Incredible authentic details about life and survival habits and skills of the loons are woven into this engrossing nature story."                                 -  Children's Bookwatch 

FINALIST in the Children's/Juvenile Fiction category of the 2014 Next Generation Book Awards

The House in Windward Leaves is a middle grade fantasy.

'"The House in Windward Leaves" is a thrilling tale...highly recommended.' - The Midwest Book Review

FINALIST in Juvenile Fiction, 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards &

FINALIST in E-book Fiction, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Josiah's Apple Orchard is a middle grade novel set in the 1960's Midwest. 

Claude:  A Dog of the Sixties, Middle Grade novel, is newly released. 

The Swan Bonnet, a historical novel set in Alaska, was released in 2013.

"What a relaxing, classic, and vibrant story..."  -  from the HarperCollins Editor's Desk review at