The Winds of Change : A Model of Democracy at Work

Please see the news section for current information. I am supporting Andy Heidt for this election.
Katherine Kocs is NOT career politician. She has no "war chest" of funds for running a campaign. She has never held public office, instead she has more than thirty five years serving Madison, Dane County, and the State of Wisconsin in roles which brought people together and strengthened communities. She graduated from Delavan-Darien High School. This is the only thing she has in common with Scott Walker.
Katherine is the eldest in a family of twelve children, all of whom went on to earn one or more college degrees.  She was a single parent of three boys for fifteen years, knows what hard work is and how to make a chicken feed a family of four for a week.
Her life experiences have provided her with a viewpoint that is unique, focused on the life challenges others face. She has experience working in a factory job, as a union member. She has worked as a migrant worker picking apples. She has worked with first offenders in the criminal justice system, and has worked with the criminally insane. Her father was disabled with Parkinson's Disease for fifty years -- and participated in the first trials of L-dopa, so she knows first-hand the trials of disabilities. She  worked with the developmentally disabled in Walworth County as a teen, raising money to send these individuals -- children and adults -- to summer camp, and worked as a volunteer counseler at a camp for the developmentally disabled. She has been a carnie for a portion of a summer -- and can spot a scam a mile away.  
She has deep roots in Dane County. She has worked for more than a quarter century as a community activist. Katherine has provided technical assistance on a local, state and federal level in all aspects of program development, evaluations, grant-writing, capacity-building, building and maintaining coalitions, and budgeting. She has brought in well over a million dollars in grant monies to programs in the State of Wisconsin.
Katherine has been proactive, developing the first state bullying prevention program. She listened closely to parents and initiated the first full-day kindergarten in Madison. She has worked in the justice system; with the mentally ill, with the middle-class, the poor, and other working families. She has worked in both rural and urban communities, with the young, the old, the disabled, and with educational, law enforcement, human services and community professionals in every field.