BayNet Tours Committee

    As one of the academic representatives to the BayNet board from 2011-2013, I was asked to join one of two board committees that produces events.  I chose to join BayNet Tours Committee.  As part of the committee, I have helped to put on several very successful events on behalf of BayNet.

"Library Ecology" Poster for BayNet

    One of the special projects that I undertook on behalf of the BayNet board was to create a graphic which describes, in the words of BayNet past president Debbie Abilock, the "ecology of libraries in the Bay Area."  One of the challenges that BayNet faces as an organization is describing our relevance to library and information professionals.  There are a number of professional organizations for librarians active in the Bay Area, so what makes us special, valuable, and relevant to our members?

    I was delighted to have helped come up with the Library Ecology poster pictured above -- I feel that it eloquently describes the kind of "cross-pollination" that happens between members.  Additionally, I think it is helpful to describe the distinct strengths and roles of the various types of libraries -- public, academic, school, and special libraries.

    I also wrote an article for the BayNet newsletter that described in more detail what inspired us as well as the process of developing the design.

    You can also purchase the poster from BayNet's Zazzle store here -- proceeds from the purchases go towards supporting BayNet events, projects, and tours.