What We Do

Katete District Women Development Association (Katete DWDA) is a registered Community Based Organization under the societies ACT Cap 105 of the Laws of Zambia, Registration Number ORS/120/19/12. The Association was formed in 1992, got registered in the same year as women empowerment and development outfit. It is a membership based organization with 12 Area Women Development Associations comprising of 85 communities based developmental groups of women affiliated to it. The association has a total membership of 1, 547 individual households, who participate in decision making, monitoring, planning and implementation of the organization’s programs. Katete District Women Development Association is operating in 15 wards of the 28 wards of Katete District in Eastern Province.

Our Mission

Our mission is to economically, legally and socially empower women and children through participating in development projects in Katete District. We promote and support the right of women and children within national economic and social development process through skill, knowledge building and influencing pro-poor policies and legal reform.

Ultimately our goal is to establish an improved living condition and freedom of rural people especially women and children.

The organizational objectives are to:

        I.            Strengthen the capacity of women groups and 10 Area Women Development Associations.

      II.            Reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence and mitigating the effects of the epidemic.

    III.            Promote integrated agriculture and environment management to increase household food production.

    IV.            Provide skills to manage locally based investment nurturing and diversification of the earnings among the women.

      V.            Advocate the protection of the rights of rural women and children.