Photo Gallery

My lovely friends from the "Whatcom Women" meet-up group, who came to make Valentine's inspired pendants.

My homeschooled students created pinch pot monsters out of clay

Fused glass heart approx. 7X7 $50

Ceramics - "treasure bag" $25
Some examples of my student's artwork.

This is a two-color screen print on glass that I did at Glass and Bead Expo in Vegas.

This are hand-silk screened images on glass, ready to set in the kiln.

I made these cups in a basket to use when my art workshop guests come over!

 Fused glass pendant with vintage fringe bead attached.  $40

"Joyful" Monoprinted & stitched. $40

Nancy, making a pair of glass earrings and a necklace in my "fused glass fabulousness" workshop.