Thrilled with my new website

posted May 15, 2015, 2:36 PM by Kate Studio Art

 I don't pretend to be a techie.  There is simply no disguising the fact that I am not terribly good with computers.  Add that to the fact that I am the daughter of one of Canada's pioneers of personal computing and managed to ignore the newest computing prototypes lying around my dad's office in the early 70's.  I've always preferred to spend my time creating art and studying fashion than learn how to program. But all that is changing!

My fabulous, talented next-door neighbor and friend, J'aime, offered to teach me how to make my own website for Kate Studio and I am thrilled to show it off.  She taught me what buttons to press, where to look for what I need and made me really think about the message I want to convey in the my site.  

There is still so much I would like to add.  Perhaps a few new tabs and a place to sell my jewelry online, but that will come.  In the meantime, Please sign up your email to keep receiving news and if you are on Facebook, "like" Kate-studio.  I am excited about the new beginning of my studio.