Plunging into Art

posted May 7, 2015, 9:24 AM by Kate Studio Art

 I found this article on and I have found it to be true for many of my first-time students at The Studio.  

Nervous? How to Bite the Bullet & Try an Art Class

Life Drawing ClassWe frequently hear from would-be students who are interested in bringing more art into their lives, but are unsure where to start. Joining an art class can seem very intimidating, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience and it can be difficult deciding which class to take.

If you’re trying to decide whether an art class is right for you, here are our top tips for taking those first important steps!

1.  Remember everyone has to start somewhere!
We often get asked if our classes are suitable for beginners, and our answer is always “yes!”. Making art accessible for everyone is our biggest passion, no matter your age or level of experience. Remember, creating art is a lot like exercise. You can only improve by DOING it regularly, and after a few weeks you’ll already begin to see improvements. The longer you stick with it, the more satisfaction you’ll get.


2.  Which class is right for you?
Most people will have an inkling about the kind of art they’d like to make: drawing, painting, or sculpture. If you can’t decide, think about what really stimulates you as a person. Some people are drawn to colour and would enjoy a painting class most, whereas others are more tactile and enjoy creating shapes with their fingers, so would be more suited in a sculpture class. If you’d like to go back to basics and improve your observational skills, perhaps you’d get the most from a life drawing class.


3. Bring a friend!
If going it alone feels too daunting, consider asking a friend or family member to join you. They might also want to get practising with their paintbrushes, and spending time doing something productive is a great alternative to having a meal together or going to the cinema. It will give you a regular chance to catch up, whilst also pursuing your passions!


4. Take the plunge
If you’re in two minds, we would always recommend that you sign up and give the class a try. We are sure that this will be the start of a beautiful and creative journey!