Playing with my Palette Knife

posted Mar 12, 2015, 12:17 PM by Kate Studio Art
At the Whatcom Art Guild meeting a couple of weeks ago, I entered a raffle and won a workshop in abstract, textural painting with Carrelyn Banner of Cosmic Light Studio.  As I love to experiment with color and texture, I was excited about learning something new. 

Carrelyn did not disappoint.  A wonderful abstract artist, she is also an aficionado of Golden Artist mediums, and she introduced me to many of the types in their line.  She had me try everything from the super course pumice gel to the fine self leveling clear gel gloss, then asked me to play with it all, adding color, mixing mediums and monoprinting with textural plates. 

It was so much fun to take the time to glop on different mediums with my palette knife and scrape them around to see what they can do.  My favorite was the glass bead gel, as it goes in a little coarse, but dries all sparkly!

Looking forward to passing on some of these techniques and checking out many more of Golden's mediums.