Kate Sheppard Memorial Award
The Kate Sheppard Memorial Award Trust was set up to establish an annual award to provide an opportunity for a woman to develop her potential by undertaking further education, study, research or training in areas which are of value in the community of New Zealand. 
The Trust was established by a group of Christchurch women, who were also responsible for the commissioning of the Kate Sheppard National Memorial which commemorates the 1993 centennial of women’s suffrage in New Zealand.

This award (amount set either annually or biennially depending on funds by the Kate Sheppard Memorial Award Trust Advisory Committee) is available to women holding NZ Citizenship or Permanent Residency who are undertaking a special project or post graduate study of value to the wider NZ community.  It is very rare for this award to be awarded for anyone studying for an undergraduate degree so consider very carefully whether you wish to apply if you are not either studying for a post graduate degree or are undertaking a special project that would be of interest to New Zealand.
The decision around whether there will be a 2017 Kate Sheppard Award will be made early in 2017 and the amount of the scholarship will be set around that time (usually it is around $2,000 - $2,500 - the actual amount will be announced in March/April).  The applications will close on the 30th June 2017 and any received after that date will not be considered for the award.  The award presentation will be on the 19th September and the winner will be notified in late August.  All applicants will be notified at the same time.  Applications can be sent it any time prior to this date, even before an announcement is made as to whether there will be an award.  If the decision is made not to present the award in 2017, any applications received will be carried through to the 2018 year.
Application forms can either be downloaded from this site (see attachment below), sent to you directly by e-mail or by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
        Kate Sheppard Memorial Award Trust
        PO Box 29-516
Copies of all application forms are photocopied to all the members of the Advisory Trust so either send 7 copies of your application or refrain from pasting them or binding them.  Thank you.
To read more about Kate Sheppard and her fight for the vote for NZ Women then the NZ Edge web page is one of the better sites.

The Committee
The Committee of the Kate Sheppard Memorial Award consists of representatives from the following organisations:
Contact Information:
        Judith Sutherland
 Previous Recipients