We're looking at a new year with new ideas and can't wait to get started.  Be sure to check back regularly for new ideas, classes and get-togethers.  

You may wonder where "Katelf" came from.  Well, it's rather simple; it is the result of a 7th grade art project in which the assignment was to come up with a name to sign to ones artwork.  Using the nickname of "Kate" and adding "l" "f" to represent the remaining letters of my full name "Katelf" had arrived and has been used ever since.
Katelf has been in the Lodi area for the past 32 years.  In that time, pyrography, jewelry, gourds and nature-oriented originals have been the focus and media of choice. You may have seen some Katelf artwork at one of various art and craft shows held around Wisconsin.  In addition to woodburned originals and decorative gourds, Katelf sells gourd frbirdhouses, luminaries, dream catchers, woodburned jewelry, wind chimes, decorative signs and recycled artwork.
There are other items such as; painted saw blades, wool mittens, various types of bird houses, prints, handmade and many other unique gift ideas at the Shop & Studio known as... 

The studio is located south of Lodi, Wisconsin, nestled in the country on Coyle Rd., just off of Highway 113 between Lodi and Dane.   Follow the signs up Coyle Rd. which will direct you right to the door.  

If you enjoy a friendly country atmosphere, this is the place for you.  Please see map to Katelf Family & Friends Shop and Studio for the exact location.    
Currently, the studio features the wonderful artwork of family members and friends; there is a great deal of talent and variety here, plus prices are reasonable with many ever-changing gift items available. 
We're also offering workshops so that you can learn some of the techniques we use for creating our arts and crafts.  Check out videos of the studio and some of the previous workshops:  See our YouTube Channel  More to come.....
Call Cathy at: 608-219-4299 to  arrangements
Keep an eye on the Katelf calendar for upcoming classes, or come to the studio and check it out and sign-up for a workshop.  We will have more classes to be scheduled for the upcoming months: See shop and studio calendar for current hours and workshops.
There will be more surprises to come in the future, so check back often to see what we're up to next!
Email or call Cathy at (608) 219-4299, if you have any comments or questions, or if you'd like to schedule a workshop personalized for your group!
Cathy Frosch-Hellenbrand
Owner and Workshops Leader
6993 Coyle Road
Lodi, WI 53555
(608) 592-5259