Selected Academic Work

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned works feel free to contact me.

Multicollinearity Analysis on Driving Deaths in 1964
from Regression Analysis APM630.

Wetland Restoration Design Packet: Cicero Parcel
from Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement EFB681.

Management Plan for Northern Pike Habitat Restoration
from Fisheries Science and Management EFB687.

Weakfish Cynoscion regalis: Life History and Basic Biology
from Advanced Ichthyology EFB796.

Soy as an Alternative Food Source for Farm Raised Fish
from Senior Seminar FNR499.

Comparison of Water Quality and Stream Assessment between SixMile and Wildcat Streams
from Environmental and Natural Resource Measures ENR302.

Motorcycle Manual
from Technical Writing ENG314.

Literature Review of a Scientific Paper
Zoonotic Fish Disease and Adaptive Fishery Management
from Wildlife Management WFB412.

Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua and Captive Breeding
from Fisheries Conservation WFB418.

Revisions to the Endangered Species Act and its Enforcement
from Wildlife Conservation Policy WFB430.

Cysticercosis- A Human-Water Disease
from Freshwater Ecology BIOSC443.

Acids & Bases Lab Report
from General Chemistry #2 CH102.

Persuasive Speech- Cloned Animal Products in Food
from Public Speaking COMM250.