Curriculum Vitae

        To obtain a position working towards advancing knowledge of organisms and ecosystems,
        sustaining and conserving natural resources,
        and/or inspiring others' enthusiasm for the natural world.

        Master of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology and Management
        SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, Syracuse NY  May 2013
        Research Project Assistant and Graduate Student, Under Dr. John M. Farrell
GPA: 3.64/4.00
Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
        Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina        December 2008   
GPA:  3.68/4.00
        GRE:  1200    Verbal 510 (64th) Quantitative 690 (69th)
Related Experience
        NC DEQ, Division of Water Resources
        Raleigh, NC
        Environmental Specialist                                   December 2014- Present
        - Provide scientific and technical support within the Division of Water Resources, 
          Intensive Survey Branch for programs and studies regarding physical, chemical, 
          and biological aspects of surface water quality throughout the state.
        - Contribute to monitoring activities for the Ambient Lakes Monitoring Program, 
          Lake TMDL studies, and special studies such as impaired water supply reservoirs 
          and accidental spills.
        - Statistically analyze and interpret collected scientific information and convey 
          results through written documentation for use by internal, federal, municipal, 
          and private parties.
        - Manage branch budget including project funds, purchasing, and account reconciliation. 
        - Perform water quality meter calibrations, process fish specimens for tissue 
          chemical analysis, and prepare water samples via chemical additives and/or filtration.  
        - Routinely carry out branch data QA/QC and report reviews.

        Tunison Laboratory of Aquatic Science, USGS
        Cortland, NY
        Project Lead Research Technician                    May 2013- Present
        - Main executor of the FEMRF Threatened, Rare, and Endangered Fish Species
          project of the St. Lawrence River watershed through index sampling using
          seine, electroshocking, and gillnets in small streams, wetlands, rivers, and lakes
        - Facilitated data collection of Brook Trout and freshwater mussel surveys, 
          sediment distribution, riverbed dimensions, habitat characteristics, and 
          water quality in headwaters and dam vicinity in investigation of dam removal, 
          aquatic resources, and connectivity in the St. Regis River Watershed
        - Prepared and oversaw field work trips by scheduling, organizing and
          standardizing equipment, utilizing maps and GPS, launching and operating
          watercraft, transporting and working directly with colleagues, and guiding
          student contractor
        - Sought out rural landowner permissions for water access
        - Identified and recorded fish and vegetation species in the field in addition to
          physical and chemical water quality and habitat components such as substrate,
          turbidity, chlorophyll a, conductivity, D.O. and oxidative reductive potential
        - Worked with project partners and affiliates St. Regis Mohawk Tribe NYSDEC,
          and USFWS including data sharing and guidance, instructing a fisheries identification
          workshop, and summaries and updates for grant requirements
        - Explored land use, surficial geology, bedrock, elevation, gradient, and stream order
          data sets in ArcGIS to determine sample site groupings for statistical analysis
        - Utilized Microsoft excel, ArcGIS, and numerous statistical programs for data
          entry, manipulation, and interpretation which included Shannon Wiener Diversity
          Index, cluster analysis, NODAL indicator species, ANOVA, and CCA

        Masters Thesis Research, SUNY ESF,
        Syracuse, NY                                            August 2010- April 2013
        Topic: Responses of esocid fishes to warming temperatures: laboratory
        experimentation on species metabolic rates

        - Developed research project which investigated the implications of a
          warming climate and invasive species on related St. Lawrence River fishes
        - Coordinated and led the collection of field specimens through teaching
          field procedures to volunteers, trailering and operating watercraft, and
          wetland seining
        - Designed and independently managed aquatic physiology laboratory set up,
          live fish housing, research methodology, and data collection through extensive
          literature review and collegiate professional knowledge, on a confined schedule
        - Attended captive fish following IACC protocol, administered formalin treatments
          for external parasites, and monitored water temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite,
          nitrate, D.O., and fish health in the closed systems
        - Performed microwinkler titration method for determining dissolved oxygen
          content in water, along with using chemical and optical YSI D.O. and
          temperature probes
        - Organized and statistically analyzed research data set using regression and
          ANOVA in SAS and Microsoft Excel
        - Summarized, graphed, and reported results in a thesis document and nine
          presentations to academics, scientific professionals, and the public

SUNY ESF, Thousand Island Biological Field Station,
Clayton, New York
        Fisheries Technician                                    Summers 2010-11
        - Administered the continuation of 10-year wetland vegetation surveys
          at six nearby sites, for the NY Department of Environmental Conservation
          and entered subsequent data in Miscrosoft Excel
        - Aided an aquatic restoration FEMRF projects in a state WMA and private lands
          through water quality, fish assemblage, and benthic sampling and processing
          prior to and post physical cattail removal, channel excavations, and water control
          structure repair
        - Executed laboratory processing of water samples and macroinvertebrate
          sorting and identification to genus for later EPT index and community assessment
        - Performed spawning esocid monitoring and population abundance work in
          twelve area embayments through capture, marking, length measurements,
          scale samples, and reproductive state determination

        - Handled reptiles, amphibians, macroinvertebrates, and fish from minnows to
          adult muskellunge
        - Assisted demonstrations on aquatic species and their biology, ecology, and
          conservation to young children, college students, school teacher groups, and
          the general public at the station and event venues

        Biological Inventory of   Six Mile Creek,
        Clemson University, SC
        Field Work and Data Collection, Under Dr. J.W.Foltz    2006-08
        - Acquired knowledge of the materials and methods used for
          turquoise darter population restoration
        - Collected stream habitat data: depth, velocity, substrate, flow type
        - Captured and relocated fish by means of backpack electroshocker
        - Trained on GIS software for mapping

        Investigation of Rare and Endangered Crustacean Species,
        Clemson University, SC
        Field Work and Data Collection, Under Dr. Arnold Eversole 2007-08
        - Gained understanding of crayfish anatomy and ecology
        - Gathered crayfish specimens by way of kick seining, dip netting,
          and visual searches

        - Measured carapace lengths and identified individuals as form I or
          II male,female, oviferous female, or juvenile

        Queensland State Government, Dept. of Fisheries,
Deception Bay, Queensland Australia
        Marine Biology/Fisheries Technician (Internship)    Spring 2007
        - Aided in the Long Term Monitoring Program of statewide fisheries by
          performing a range of sampling methods including fishery independent
          estuarine night trawling and fishery dependent sub-sampling fish markets
          and keen angler/commercial fisherman program maintenance
        - Interacted with the public while collecting recreational resource assessment
          data at boat ramps
        - Processed various fishery important species through laboratory otolith extractions,
          length measurement, and sex and species identification
        - Performed a range of sampling methods in both fresh and salt water
        - Formalized business communication and organization through in-office tasks

Additional Experience
        Mad Science of Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, VA
        Special Events Performer and Instructor          January 10 - June 10
        - Inspired imaginative learning in children ages 5-12 years through directing
          educational experiences in a wide range of scientific areas including chemistry,
          physics, and biochemistry
        - Mastered and performed three separate program types
        - Enhanced public speaking abilities while performing for up to 200 people

        Urology Associates of Southern Delaware, Lewes, DE
        Receptionist/Billing                                    March 09- Sept 09
        - Directed patients in person and on the phone
        - Prioritized and handled multiple responsibilities simultaneously
        - Used Medics Elite and EMR software to schedule and alter appts.
        - Handled billing procedures including statements, claims, and patient
           insurance benefits

        SoDel Concepts Restaurants, Lewes/Rehoboth, DE
        Server                                                        Summers 07- Sept 09 
        - Implemented outstanding service independently and on a team
        - Improved crucial business and interpersonal skills through dealing
          directly with customers in a well managed establishment

        Hendrix Student Center Reservation Desk, Clemson, SC
        Student Employee                                                    Fall 2006
        - Scheduled daily reservations for five facilities
        - Kept detailed records of six logs and all financial transactions
        - Maintained security and handled stressful situations with minimal

        DeVilbiss Landscape Architects, Lewes, DE
        Office Assistant and Nursery Hand                            1999-2003
- Gained knowledge of plant maintenance, identification, and landscaping
          concepts and design while performing nursery care and job site tasks
        - Facilitated office duties including daily phone logs and managed, organized,
          and filing accounts payable and receivable under nominal supervision

Computer Skills 
Internet, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint, SAS, ArcGIS, Canoco
        Typing speed ~ 100

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. April 2011. Potential mechanisms of relative
           success for two sympatric esocids in the St. Lawrence River.
New York State
           Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Student Colloquium. Bridgeport, NY.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. January 2012. Using metabolic physiology to
           assess habitat suitability and potential success of sympatric esocids.
           York State Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Lake
           Placid, NY.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. February 2012. Warming temperatures and the
           pike family: how do metabolic responses differ?
SUNY ESF Aquabreak.
           Syracuse, NY.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. March 2012. Responses of esocid fishes to
           warming temperatures: laboratory experimentation on species metabolic
SUNY ESF Elevator Pitch Contest. Syracuse, NY.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. April 2012. Responses of esocid fishes to
           warming temperatures: laboratory experimentation on species metabolic
SUNY ESF Spotlight on Student Research. Syracuse, NY.

           DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. August 2012. Responses of esocid fishes to
           warming temperatures: laboratory experimentation on species metabolic
National American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. St. Paul, MN.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. September 2012. Responses of esocid fishes to
           warming temperatures: laboratory experimentation on species metabolic
Esocid Working Group Meeting. Clayton, NY.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. April 2013. Responses of esocid fishes to
           warming temperatures: laboratory experimentation on species metabolic
Thesis capstone presentation. Syracuse, NY.

               DeVilbiss, K. and J. M. Farrell. August 2013. Responses of esocid fishes to
           warming temperatures: laboratory experimentation on species metabolic
National American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Little Rock, AK.

               DeVilbiss, K. and R., Abbett, J. E. Mckenna, J. Johnson, and D. Dittman.
           February 2014. Fish assemblage differences among gears in the Oswegatchie 
           watershed. New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Geneva, NY.

                DeVilbiss, K. and J. Green. November 2015. Investigating the effect of in-lake
           water circulators on elevated chlorophyll a and pH values in B. Everett Jordan

           Reservoir. 35th North American Lakes Management Society International
           Symposium. Saratoga Springs, New York

                DeVilbiss, K. and J. Green. April 2016. Epilimnetic Mixing as In-Lake Treatment.
           North Carolina Lakes Management Society Spring Workshop. High Point, NC.

                DeVilbiss, K. and J. Green. February 2016. To Solarbee or not to Solarbee - 
           That is the question. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Department of 
           Marine Science Seminar. Chapel Hill, NC.

Certifications and Workshops
        NYAFS Aquatic Plant Identification, Febuary 2011
        Cornell University Fish as Research Animals (Lab Pathology), June 2011
        USFWS Principles and Techniques of Electrofishing, Aug 2013
        USGS Larval Fish Identification, 2013
        NCS Defensive Driving 2, Aug 2013
        DOI Motorboat Operator, Aug 2013
        ARC First Aid/ AED/ CPR, Sept 2013
        DOI Safety: Bloodborne Pathogens, Jan 2014
        USEPA Water Quality Standards Academy, Oct 2015
        NCAFS Conservation Genetics, March 2016

Affiliations, Involvement, and Honors
        AFS 2007- present, ESA 2013, The Coastal Society 2012, NALMS 2016
        Graduate Student Association Board of Trustees Rep, SUNY ESF, 2011-2013
        Student American Fisheries Society Secretary & Treasurer, SUNY ESF, 2011-2012
        New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Student Travel Award 2011
        SUNY ESF Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies Travel Grant 2012
        Great Lakes Research Consortium Travel Grant 2012
        SUNY ESF Graduate Student Assoc. Excellence in Research Award 2011-2012