1.       FAMILY NAME:                          Aleksić 

2.       FIRST NAMES:                           Katarina              

3.       DATE OF BIRTH:                        15-09-1971          

4.       NATIONALITY:                           Serbian 

5.       CONTACT INFORMATION:      Phone:  +381638549501   email:

6.       EDUCATION:                                              

Degree (s) or Diploma (s) obtained:

Degree Organizational Sciences –Information Systems and Technologies


University of Belgrade

Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Department of Information Systems and Technologies

7.       LANGUAGE SKILLS:  Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent, 5 - basic)






Mother tongue









  • Member of the Work group for defining proposal of changes the curricula in the field of engineering, technology and computer science in primary and secondary education (Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, May-June 2016)
  • Member of the Work group for supporting the improvement of education through using of ICT in Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Member of the Expert team for supporting participation of Serbia in EU Open Method of Coordination in the field of Education and Training, in thematic work group "Digital and online learning and development of cross-curricular competencies focusing on ICT framework"
  • Member of the Serbian Moodle Network - Moodle Mreža Srbije (member)
  • Learning Community “SaZnanje” (member, President of the Section for the ICT 2013-2015, member of steering committee 2013-2015)

9.       OTHER SKILLS:

Computer literacy (MS Office, Internet, Social Media, Programming, Learning Management Systems, Web 2.0 Tools, Adobe products…)

Digital literacy (finding, using, summarizing, evaluating, creating… information while using digital technologies)

21st Century Skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, technology)

Classroom management

a)   Organization of the physical environment (arranging classroom into well-defined work areas, promoting interactions as well as independence…);

b)       Establishing rules and routines;

c)       Development of caring relationships (positive behavioural support, motivation, reinforcement…);

d)   Implementation of engaging instruction through hybrid learning, project based learning, flipped classroom method, inquiry based learning, self-oriented learning, differentiation, extending learning beyond the classroom, interaction with local community, School Networking, international collaboration…;

e)      Prevention and responding to discipline problems.

10.   PRESENT POSITION: Advisor to the Minister in Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

11.   YEARS WITHIN THE FIRM: 3 months


§ Holistic approach in Teaching and Learning

§ Excellent transversal skills (communication in mother and foreign language, mathematical literacy, knowledge of science and technology, digital literacy, meta cognitive skills, interpersonal and civic competences, sensitivity to diversity…)

§ Excellent organisational, team work and communication skills (experience and active participation in numerous school, interscholastic and international educational projects)

§ Understanding and proactive approach to challenges in teaching profession in Serbia (proactive attitude in finding partners and establishing cooperation with experts and schools from Serbia and abroad)

§ Experience in horizontal training for teachers (educator in the field of learning technology and portfolio)

§ Experience in teaching children with learning difficulties and Roma children



Date from – Date to:

Great Britain - Education World Forum 2018, Education Innovation Conference 2018 and Bett  2018: British Educational Training and Technology Show, London

Republic of Korea Knowledge Sharing Program between BSEC and Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID), Seoul

Portugal - 14th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL) Lisbon 

Great Britain - Bett  2017: British Educational Training and Technology Show, London

Luxembourg - High level Conference "Transforming Europe towards the Digital Age", Luxembourg

Bosnia and Herzegovina - “ACES Kick-Off Meeting” (Academy of Central European Schools), Sarajevo

France - XI International Conference on Excellence in Education: The Creativity – Innovation Challenge, Paris

Slovakia – “ACES Academy” (Academy of Central European Schools), Senec

Romania -  Study Visit to Scoala Gimnaziala No188, Bucharest

Romania – “ACES Kick-Off Meeting” (Academy of Central European Schools), Bucharest

Germany - European seminar "Young people's practices of new media (Web 2.0)" (Council of Europe, Pestalozzi Programme), Bad Wildbad

January 22 - 26, 2017.

October 30 – November 3, 2017

May 23 - 24, 2017.

January 23 - 26, 2017.

December 15th 2015

October 3 - 8, 2015


July 7 - 10, 2014


April 1 – 4, 2014


December 13 – 17, 2013

September 30 – October 4, 2013


May 2 – 6, 2011


Ref. 1


September 1st 2017 - present


Belgrade, Serbia


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development


Advisor to the Minister


§  Co-author of Computer Science national curriculum (Primary School, 5th and 6th grade)

§  Co-author of Quality standards for e-text books

§  Development of e-Education Services (eLearning platform, OER platform)

Ref. 2


September 1st 2001 – August 31st 2017


Belgrade, Serbia


“Branislav Nušić” Primary School


Computer Science Teacher


§  Computer Science Teaching (Students age from 8 to 14 years)

§  Coordinator of IPA 2011 Razvionica Project in Branislav Nušić Primary School, Belgrade

§  Member of Pedagogical Collegium (decision making, planning, problem solving)

§  Member of Professional Development Planning Team (Author of the Ethos Chapter of the School Development Plan from 2012/13 to 2016/17

§  School PR activities (social media, publications…)

§  Horizontal Teacher Trainer at the institution and neighbouring schools (Educator in the field of modern learning technology and pedagogy)

§  Creator, administrator and editor of the School web site since December 2006


More information about professional engagement and philosophy:

§  ePortfolio

§  eCV


§  Three national awards for integrating ICT in teaching

o    First prize on “Digital Lesson 5” competition for Learning activity in the field of ICT 2016

o    Third prize on “Digital Lesson 4” competition for Learning activity in the field of ICT 2015

o   First prize on “Creative School” competition for Learning activity in the field of ICT 2014

o    Second prize on “Digital Lesson 1” competition for Learning activity in the field of ICT 2011

§  Panellist on  panel discussions on Conference “New Technologies in Education 2016”, British Council, Serbia

    • Panel discussion Computer Science in Primary and Secondary Schools in Serbia

§  Panellist on two panel discussions on Conference “New Technologies in Education 2015”, British Council, Serbia

§  Participation in the national scientific conference "Evaluation in the educational process" organized by the Department of Education and Adult Education Faculty of Philosophy at Belgrade University and the Pedagogical Society of Serbia with the paper "Monitoring the ratio of students' school achievements and results of the final exam - implications on the quality of the school practice" (authors Katarina Aleksic and Verica Arula; work is published in the Conference Proceedings ISBN 978-86-82019-98-5

§ Key note speaker on "ICT in education –Knowledge Based Society pillar" - lecture " Contemporary teacher – leader of learning transformation in accordance with the needs of the digital society "

§  Key note speaker on VII conference with international participation "ICT in Teaching and Learning" - lecture "Smart Phones and Functional Knowledge Development " 5.12.2015.

§  Participation on XVIII International Scientific Conference "Educational Reserch and School Practice" - Challenges and Dilemmas of Professional Development of Teachers ans Leaders in Education (organized by Institute for Educational Reserch, Belgrade) with paper "The impactmof Collaborative Testing on Knowledge Retention" (authors Верица Арула and Катарина Алексић; Paper is published in Conference Proceedings ISBN 978-86-7447-126-5) 

§  Participation in international project REP-Synergy: Towards improvement of Research capacities essential for teacher Education and Practices in Serbia and Estonia since November 2015.

§  Participation in Conference „Moodle Moot Web & Serbian 2015 / 5th Regional and Serbian Moodle Mootwith paper "Badges in education, education on Moodle"

§  Participation in 6th International Conference od Grammer Schools 3C - Culture Communication  with paper "Online platform SOPHIA in traditional and flipped classroom" (authors Katarina Aleksić, Vladan Al. Mladenović)

§  Participation in VII International Scientific Conference "Network 2015 - Networking, Science and Application (NETS)" with three papers published in the Proceedings of the Conference ISBN 978-86-7912-592-7:

o    Coding Mobile Applications, Katarina Aleksic

o    The standards of IT education in primary and secondary schools, Miljana Petrovic, Katarina Aleksic, Jasna Ristic, Svetlana Pejčić

o    Online School Calendar Day by day, Miljana Petrovic, Katarina Aleksic

§  With Milena Zindovic, architect, Coauthor and Trainer of two Workshops “Women as Belgrade Builders in web 2.0 environment” on BINA (Belgrade International Week of Architecture):

o    X BINA 2015

o    IX BINA 2014

§  Author of the platform for distance learning “Noodle – Nušić Moodle” and Course designer

§  Blogger  уСавршени Нушић - blog about professional development opportunities for teachers

§  One of the Editors of Vebciklopedija web-site - site about free web 2.0 tools for integration of technology in the classroom

§  Lecturer at several webinars of the Community Educational environment-Professional Development – horizontal training for Teachers


§  Author of few articles in “Microsoft Partners in Learning Serbia” magazine for Teachers

o    When the future becomes the present – it is the right time for the ex post facto reflection assisted by technology

o    Does the letter C in the acronym ICT, may stand for culture?

o    Pestalozzi Programme - International Seminars for Teachers

o     Wallwisher - Web bulletin board

§  Author of several Learning Activities in Digital Knowledge Base for Primary Schools on Creative School Portal

o    Snowman, Snowwoman and one wedding (From Toys to Computers, 2007)

o    Colour, Space and Love (Computer Science, 2008)

o    Functions in Excel through MENSA intelligence test (Computer Science, 2009)

o    Sound (Computer Science, 2010)

o    Hardware & Software for fifth-graders (Computer Science, 2011)

o    Uncle Nobel good mate, gave wings... (Computer Science & Serbian language, 2012)

o    Educational Project "For Belgrade" (Computer Science, 2013)

o    Hours of Code (From Toys to Computers, 2014)

o    Programming Mobile Applications (Computer Science, 2014)

o    Women as Belgrade Builders in web 2.0 environment (Computer Science, 2014)

§  Presentation of the project "Creative School" in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Microsoft Partners in Learning  Programme - Creative School trough Teachers eyes

§  Author of three Learning Activities on Microsoft Partners in Learning Network:

o    Be great, go SLATE

o    A Sprinkle of Magic: Art in Computer Science Teaching

o    Animated Self-Caricature

§  Profile on, online community of Flipped Teachers and Learners

School PR activities:

§  Video materials

§  Graphic Design of Diplomas, posters, invitations

§  Graphic design of school paper "Nušić navigator" (printed edition)

§  Technical editor of "eNušić navigator"


§  Professional development training

o    Domestic seminars - 400 hours

o    Foreign seminars - 30 hours

§  Horizontal  Teacher training experience

§  Informal education

§  Conferences (participation and/or presentation)

 Project Based Learning:

No Border project description