Professional Background 

   I attended Canoga Park High School as an ESL student and graduated with honors in 2006.  While I was in high school I was taking college classes at Pierce College.  Then, I started attending CSUN in fall 2006 with a nursing major but then I changed my major to Spanish.  I finished my bachelors and my masters program for Spanish language and literature in six years.  Now, I am working towards my Spanish and ESL teaching credentials.

    Throughout my educational career, I had the pleasure of meeting different teachers who were an inspiration in my life.  Now, my goal is to become a high school teacher to inspire and guide young students so they choose the road of education, follow a career and have a better life style in the future. 

    Employment History:

Interests and Hobbies

  I have many different hobbies depending on the season.  During winter I love going snowboarding to big bear or mountain high, watch movies with a hot chocolate.  During the summer I like to do outdoor activities like going camping, to the beach, hiking, painting and photography.  

Contact information

  • katypewi@gmail.com
  • katheryne.pena.49@my.csun.edu

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