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        Welcome to my homepage! 

My name is Csaba David, I was born in 1967 in Budapest. I admire the Japanese culture and martial arts; and do aikido for 12 years. My master is Rudolf Várszegi, 6 Dan. 
I have 3 Dan.
 I have been preparing hand-made traditional
Japanese Katana Bukuro, Fusahimo and makura
Katana and in the near future I would like to start
preparing also further hand-made katana
 I select the finest raw materials from the Far East
incliding silks and laces; they are completed with my
professional experience of several years.
 The harmony between the colors and the pattern,
as well as the consistency with the swords are crucial
 for Bukuro making, therefore, it was very important
for me to study both old and new, original Japanese
samples. Several years of thorough research did
comfirm my decision to start making Katana
 I hope that my works will convince my visitors,
martial arts users and sword collectors.
 My photo gallery is constantly updated with new
pictures of my latest works.
 Enjoy your browsing!

                                               Csaba David

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