We Love Katamari Bio

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       Game: We Love Katamari

       Publisher: Namco

       Platform: PS2

       ESRB Rating: Everyone

       Katamari Bios Score: 5/5 

We Love Katamari's name is alot like its story! In We Love Katamari you must help your fans. You make planets instead of stars in this game. The planets you make have characteristics of what your fans ask you to do. You get much harder levels in We Love Katamari! The controls are slightly more sensitive than Katamari Damacy's. You also get lots of levels that make you roll up a certain thing, a limit of things, and so on. You get much more levels in We Love Katamari to boot! It has secret levels that you must unlock by rolling up a set of something. There are more items to roll up including the King, Queen, and the Prince! The best part is the ability to play as cousins in story mode; you also get more cousins to play as! Even the credits have items to roll up! The only flaw is no eternals! 

Game Features:

Expanded 2 player mode

New Items

More cousins

Story mode character select

More Presents

Ability to load your stars from Katamari Damacy

Cooperitave Mode