Me and My Katamari Bio

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    Name: Me and My Katamari

    Publisher: Namco

    Platform: PSP

    ERSB Rating: Everyone

    Katamari Bios Score: 4/5

Me and My Katamari's story happens after you completely repair the cosmos. In celebration the Prince's family goes on a tropical summer vacation!   Just before you start vacationing animals appear; so much for vacation! Your mission is to make islands for all of the animals In Me and my Katamari.

You get even more cousins to play as, wireless multiplayer, and hidden eternals for every level! Since you make islands you can't get a reward for rolling super fast. You get some animals that want you to roll up with twists too; they don't offer eternals. You get 2x the amount of presents you had in We Love Katamari. You can use the camera without wearing it; you can also wear 3 presents at a time. You get more items, including the King's father who was introduced in We Love Katamari. There's also a surprise at the end! 


Game Features:

Wireless Multiplayer

More Presents

New items

New Cousins

More Levels

Hidden Eternals in every level   (Exept the ones with a twist)