Beautiful Katamari Bio

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       Name: Beautiful Katamari

       Plublisher: Namco

       Platform: Xbox 360

       ERSB Rating: Everyone 

       Katamari Bios Score: 5/5


Beautiful Katamari (BK) is a wonderful game, made by a different person (the old creater was building park equpment). It is the best of them all. Great graphics, awesome sound effects, crazy cousins, and wacky items! BK has online multiplayer wuhich makes it global. The story is that the King and Queen are playing tennis and the king wacks the ball so hard it makes a black hole and sucks all your hard work up. Here we go again! The stages are a little like We Love Katamari's (because you are making the same planet again). It does have eternals and that all works like Me and My Katamari worked. The best part is that it's hard there is a level where you have to get up to 10,000km!! The new Killometer system makes it a challenge. The major flaw is that it's only for the Xbox 360.