Ila ada ganna kemathi aya meheta enna

Call from Tony Joseph

Tony Joseph went to Colombo for official matter and called to his house over phone. Servant had taken the receiver.

Tony Joseph: Who is speaking?

Servant : Servant Sir.

Tony Joseph: Where is the Madam?

Servant: She is sleeping with her husband in bedroom.

Tony Joseph: What? I am her husband came to Colombo today.

Servant: What can I do now sir?

Tony Joseph: Open the cupboard, pick the Gun, shoot both of them, come back and tell me, till then I am waiting in the line.

After some time ... there come 2 shooting sounds ... after that ....

Servant: Yes, I did Sir. But what can I do next Sir?

Tony Joseph: Open the back door, throw both of them into the swimming pool

Servant: There is no swimming pool in our house Sir

Tony Joseph: What...? No swimming pool?

Servant: Yes Sir

Tony Joseph: Sorry, wrong number !!!!!!!!

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