8th Grade Science!

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Here you can find just about everything you need to achieve success in our class...except hard work, of course! Please see the Navigation bar on the left to move to other parts of our site. Assignments are found at the bottom of this main page. Other, non-assignments that have been handed out in class can be found on the Class Documents page. All of these can be printed or viewed from any computer with online access! Pretty cool!!


The ONLY email address that will get to me is _______________________________

Emailing me at any other address will not work and assignments will be considered late/not turned in

Documents & PowerPoint Presentations:                                                               

Worksheets & PowerPoint presentations from class are posted as they are assigned and may be printed once open. Documents can be found at the bottom of this page in the "Attachments" section. For PowerPoint presentations, see the link in the left margin. All are created on Microsoft Word, MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF. A FREE reader program for each of these can be found by clicking on these links:

Warm-Ups: All  can be found on the Warm-Ups page. 
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Replacement cost of the Physical Science textbook is $75.00! So leave it at school and use the on-line version for work at home!!

Use the following link to access our textbook (Glencoe Physical  Science with Earth Science) online. 
It seems to work best on the Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers! 
                    Then copy and paste the following code into the box:

                    You may get an error message, but if you wait, it will log you in!

We will also be using the thin Prentice-Hall Textbooks from time-to time. Unfortunately, there is no on-line version 

available for these. They will be available for check-out, though. Replacement cost for each of these texts is $20.00.



BrainPop is a great website for short, informative movies on a great variety of topics from Math to Science to World 

History to LanguageArts!

Our school has purchased a subscription to BP for the year and students can connect using the log- in given in class 

and found on ourschool's website on the library page!                                                              


(Use the Navigation area in left margin at the top of this page to find the class calendar)

Lab Make-Ups:                                                                                                           

●Students have 3 school days (including day of return) after an absence to make up a lab activity.

●The STUDENT must arrange with Mr Kastelic when that make-up will occur!

●If you have a friend (from one of our classes who has already done the lab) help you with the lab, they will earn 5 points EC!!

Grades are updated ONCE a week, usually on Thursday or Friday. Checking more frequently than that is guaranteed to stress you out!!!!

I make every attempt to post all assignments the day they are given in class.

If you have any problems with this site, please let me know so that they can be fixed!
See you in class!
Mr. K
S c i e n c e  R o c k s ! ! !

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