Malcolm John Kass

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Texas at Arlington

Ph. D. - Economics
University of Texas at Dallas - Spring 2016

Fields of specialization:
Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Behavioral and Experimental Economics,
Public Economics.

Contact info:
mobile:  952-334-5041
About me

Hello, I am a Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Texas at Arlington. I research to help policy makers better understand the role of institutions in driving better economic outcomes. I study the cooperative and destructive behavior of economic agents in social dilemmas as well as inter-group contests. To account for scant and unreliable empirical data, I utilize economic experiments to determine if democracy as an institution that can drive cooperative behavior and to explore the links between individual productivity and destructive behavior in exploitation environments. .

My teaching purpose has two main branches, both of which complement each other. First is instructing economic theory as a framework for thinking deeply about complex problems. My goal is that my students can make better decisions in the world. My second purpose is teaching econometrics as a toolkit to test economic theory, highlighting the proper use of the tool for research design if my students wish to pursue a career in economic data analysis.