Paranormal Anomalies

  This is where you will find explanations and definitions for many, but not all paranormal anomalies. Each anomaly will be presented using information gathered by K.A.S.P.E.R. through discussion as well as research. Some of this material may be subject for debate which we certainly welcome. You can contact us at ktownkasper@gmail.comEveryone here in our group feel your opinions are important. This is how we all learn. There may be anomalies that we may have missed, or not aware of.

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    Orbs are the most common anomaly. There are many theories about orbs. Some say they are reflections from the camera, dust, moisture in the air. While others say they are manifestations of energy produced by spirits in the area. Orbs come in many sizes and colors. White is the most common but you may see Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. These colors a rare, and each color is an expression of that sprit according to some researchers. Remember the area, and what you were doing when you capture an orb. You may discover a reason for its appearance later on in the investigation. There may be one orb, or multiple orbs in an area. Orbs can be found indoors, or outdoors. Even if you don't see them with the naked eye, you may captured them on your camera, or camcorder. Orbs for the most part seem stationary, but many investigators have captured, or witnessed orbs in motion. Streaking, moving, changing shapes, materializing, and disappearing. Review your captured orbs carefully, With all your other evidence you collected during an investigation. This will help you can determine if the orb is paranormal in nature or not. 


If you happen to come across a mist during your investigation , take as many pictures as you can. True paranormal mists are not very common. After you capture the mist form on your digital camera you can try to verify if it is truly paranormal, or of  natural origins.Mist forms may come in many colors White, Shades of Gray, and Black. See how long this mist stays in the area. Is it stagnant? The mist may be fog, smoke, vapor, or many other naturally formed  anomalies. A true paranormal mist will hover above the ground surface, move in directions that seems predetermined, and last for a short time. Finding a mist indoors is a real find, and eliminates the possibility of many natural formations. paranormal researchers believe that a mist will form when a spirit initially attempts to manifest itself into a full-bodied apparition. Many times  during this transition, the entity cannot sustain or intensify this energy field, so it remains a mist. Remember that when trying to capture a mist form that you take precautions in cold weather. Your breath could produce what appears to be an mist form.  Also do not smoke while taking pictures, for this will produce the same effect as your breath in cold weather. Areas to capture these mist forms are almost anywhere, but usually can be found at historical sites, battle fields, and cemeteries

Ghosts: (spirit or apparition) 


Ghosts are thought to be the energy, soul or personality of a person who has died and has somehow became stuck between this plane of existence and the next. Most researchers believe that these spirits do not know they are dead. Very often they have died under traumatic, unusual or highly emotional circumstances. The presence of ghosts can be perceived in many ways. Sight (apparitions, mists, orbs, ectoplasm, shadow figures ), Sound (voices, EVP’s, knocks, bangs, whispers ), Smell (fragrance and odors), Touch (cool breeze, physical, and more malevolent sprits could (scratch, push, throw objects), Sense ( a Paranormal sensitive could feel the presence of the ghost and sometimes their emotions) There are many types of ghosts or apparitions that have been experienced throughout history leading up to today’s reports, and documented  investigations by paranormal groups around the world. Each type will be explored in depth in this section. Ghosts can be a issue for discussion with many theories explaining their existence along with theories that express their non-existence. K.A.S.P.E.R. believes they are among us. We are dedicated to capturing evidence of these paranormal apparitions using scientific means; including electronics, photography, sound recorders, and physical sensitivity along with skills brought into the group by its members.



Ectoplasm is a supposed physical substance that manifests as a result of spiritual energy or psychic phenomenon is seen as  a mist, fog, or stream of semi solid sometimes  translucent  stream of flowing  material. Displays itself like a vapor or cloud with a swirl effect. It normally appears several feet off the ground and can linger or travel quickly at will. Believed by many to be the soul or spirit.  It has been speculated that the spirit will transform to this vaporous state before appearing as a full-bodied apparition.  They come and go quickly. They also appear in all shapes and sizes. One such shape that is captured in photographs is funnel shaped. This is called a Vortex.



 A vortex is a very rare and curious phenomenon. They can appear in pictures as being long and narrow and having a tread like design.  Many theories on a vortex are that they are a visiting spirit that is known by the observer, or a former resident in the area of the appearance. Still another theory is that the vortex is a doorway between our world, and the spirit world. If you see a vortex during your investigation take still photos and try to get it on the camcorder. This will be a great piece of paranormal evidence to add to your report. Perform an EVP session after or during the visitation.


Shadow ghosts


These ghosts usually appear as a shadow of sorts. They seem to be more solid then misty. They are always aware of your presence. They will dart by the corner or your eye, or in a distance. They often will walk down a hallway as if on their way  somewhere of intent. Then they will disappear into a nearby doorway or through the wall. Visually they appear as a smokey figure, dark, solid human form without details. Sometimes you will only see a partial figure. Just the legs, arms, head and shoulders. They can be found indoors as well as outdoors. Looking like a shadow you must make sure there are no other means of shadow creations while investigating. Look for light reflections, sunlight, artificial lighting, as well as camera flash and floodlights.  Are the shadow ghosts watching over someone or just watching? Where in the paranormal realm do these shadow ghost fit. They are still being studied, and a analytical explanation has yet to be revealed. Maybe your research, and evidence will help the paranormal science community get a better understanding of these very elusive beings, and explanation of the make-up of these dark mysterious shadows.




Ghost lights / Streaming Ghosts

 Ghost lights or Streaming Ghosts  have been seen, and recorded in every country and civilization. The mysterious lights are usually seen as white, or colored lights glowing in the darkness.  Unlike Orbs they are seen by the naked eye. They come in various shapes ( sphere, or streaking streams). They appear, and can stay in one position for a long period of time, or they can streak by at a fast speed lasting only a few seconds. They can also appear in the same location over and over again.  Sometimes they seem to beckon you to follow, always staying just out of reach. Maybe they are trying to show you something that they feel you should see. Or  some believe the lights are playful beings, trying to lure travelers to follow them to get them lost in the dark. You can capture Ghost Lights on your camera as well as Video. These make a great addition to your Photo gallery.There have been attempts, of course, to trap a ghost light for examination, but they always seem to be just out of reach. According to some legends, the Ghost Lights are a spirit of a sinner who is condemned to wander the world for eternity.

They go by many names such as Earthlights, Corpse Candles, Will o' the Wisp, as well as Spooklights.  In Britain they are the Jack-O-Lantern. According to the British folk tale about the jack-o'-lantern, Jack was a man so ornery, and mean that heaven wouldn't take him, and the devil didn't want him.

The main chilling superstition associated with them all over the world is the foretelling of a death