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Welcome to our website. We hope you will find this a place to return over and over again. Follow us on our investigations. See, hear, and feel the excitement of the paranormal, as we post our investigations. We will be visiting old and new haunts, cemeteries, businesses, and private residences. 

You will also find information on equipment we use, as well as descriptions of spirits, and their hunting’s. We hope this site will help you get a better understanding on workings of our group, and the vast field of the paranormal.



We use state of the art equipment to record, capture, and document data, which will then be analyzed, summarized, reported, and posted on our website with our client's permission. Each investigation will include: Sit-down session with the client, Full Professional Report, Still Photos, Video clips, EVP bites, and discussion about personal experiences. The investigation will then be posted on this website with our client's permission. 



 We will use these opportunities to expand our understanding in paranormal phenomena,

 and help those who are experiencing unexplained activity.


 Our client’s personal information is never disclosed without permission.


Please give us the opportunity to investigate your location. 

K.A.S.P.E.R. never charges for an investigation.

 If you would like us to do an investigation, or have any questions please email us: ktownkasper@gmail.com
You can also call Brian @ 484 644-9770
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You never know what will be written on the wall.





KASPER has been under lockdown just as everyone else due to Covid-19. 

We can't wait till we will be able to get back out there doing what we love to do and 

helping those that need our help. 

You can still contact us and ask questions or send us a photo or video of suspected paranormal activity. 

We will do our best to get you the answers you seek.

We are hoping 2021 will be a much better year for us all. 

Exploring the Possibilities!!!!


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We would like welcome our newest member Carlos Lopez

He will be a perfect fit for our team.

You can meet him at our event at Paradise Stream in the Poconos on Oct 20-22 






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