Pictures of birds can be various – both where it is immediately apparent what specie of the bird is it, and where it is necessary to puzzle for a while…

Sometimes when taking pictures of birds it happens that seemingly worthless photos were collected and it is hard to tell what it is on these pictures. Usually these pictures becomes deleted, still sometimes they can be very useful to improve the skills of determination of bird species when the bird has an inconvenient location raccourci or pose from the point of the observer, or when the bird has an atypical coat.


The bird photographers are kindly asked to send their pictures for publication in Mysterybirds page.

This Mysterybirds page is made up just right for that purpose – to provide a reader with interesting exercises in various complexities.


1. Try to name what specie bird is on the pictures located in the next column.

2. There are published only the photos of the bird species stated in Latvia.

3. It is preferable to mention in given answers those observable and prescribable typological traits of the bird which is seen on the picture and which were used to recognize the specie of this bird. 

4. Please send answers to an e-mail:

5. A term to send answers is one month after the publication date of the photography.

6. The correct answer will be published right next to the appropriate picture in one month after the publication date of the photography.

7. Name of the authors of the correct answers will not be published. The information about participants of this task will never be exposed for any other person.