The K.A.S. Constitution and By-Laws

Object:     To help offset high fuel cost and make filling open officers postitions easier, we would like to move to make the following amendments to the Constitutions and By-Laws of the K.A.S.
    Subsection 1. Second sentence changed to read:
                                The K.A.S. shall be a non-profit organization with no paid officers, members or employees with the exeception notied under SECTION VIII    FINANCES   Subsection 7.
   Subsection 7. Changed to read:
                                 No part of the assets of the Society shall be used for the benefit of or be distributable to its members or other private persons during the life of its Society; with the exception of, that all elected and appionted officers and members in good standing which attend the annual business meeting and three-quarter of all the regular and executive meetings of the fiscal year shall have their membership paid by the Society to help offset the fuel cost and to promote meetings attendance; also, the Society may make payments to the judge(s) and other private persons as needed for the annual artifacts shows, with the approval by two-thirds vote of the Society members present at a regular or executive meeting.
Any Questions or comments can be forwarded to:
Alan Fine
124 N. 8th St.
Quenemo, KS 66528
(785) 759-3204