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Talking Caller ID

This app speaks phone/SMS caller id. So you do not have to pick up your phone to see who is calling. Plays the caller's name from your contacts. So now you can hear the name of the person calling you. The app also supports 
Bluetooth(A2DP)/Wired headset and plays the callers name on the headset. 

This app has many features and options to customize the app according to your desires.

Language: You can choose a language and app would speak using your selected language.

Volume/Play Sample: You can select your desired volume for the caller id and play a sample to hear it.

Use System Volume:  You can turn on this option to let app use System volume/Phone volume button to control caller id volume.

Lower Ringer:  You can let app the lower ringer volume just before announcing the caller so that you could hear the caller id clearly. 
App does not permanently chnage the ringer volume.

Announcement Message: You can enter your own caller id message that you want the app to speak before/after announcing the name or phone number.

Repeat: You can select the number of times app should speak phone caller id.

Enable SMS Caller ID:  Enable this option to let the app speak SMS caller id.

Speak SMS: Enable this option to let the app speak SMS message.

Speak Repeat: Select number of times you want the app to speak SMS caller id/message. 

Do Not Speak List: You can choose list of people whose calls/SMS you do not want caller id to announce.

Don't Speak Phone #: Enable this option if you do not want the app to speak the caller id in case caller is not in your contact list.

Play on Ringer Off: Set this option to allow caller id to speak even if the phone ringer is on silent/vibrate.

Talk ONLY on Bluetooth: Set this option when you want the app to speak caller id ONLY when a blutetooth headset is connected to the phone.

Turnoff Ringtone: Set this option to allow this app to turnoff the ringtone when a phone call comes in, this will help people to clearly hear the caller id.

Playback Interval: Set the interval(delay) between each caller id announcement.

Show Status Bar Notification: Set this option and app will display caller id app in the top Status Bar Notifications to quickly access the application.

Caller ID Hours: Select basic hours for the caller id. App will not speak the phone call/SMS which comes outside of these hours.

Customize Hours: You can customize the caller id working hours . This gives you more control over the timing for the caller id.

Use Custom Hours: You can select this option to activate Custom working hours for the caller id.

Reset: Tap this option to reset all app settings. You can factory reset this app by tapping this option.

Practical Uses
Coming soon...

-If you do not hear the caller id then on your phone go to settings > Voice Input & Output > Text To Speech and make sure you have Text to speech engine setup.

Wired headset: Go to my app's settings screen and check off "Turn off Ringtone" option

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