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Password 360



Technical Support:

Sign In (Existing Users)
Enter your Master Key that you have created previously by pressing I am a new user button. Your Master Key is not case sensitive so you can enter it in lower case or uppercase.  If you have not created your Master Key then please follow below instructions to Setup New User/Master Key.
Create your Master Key (New Users)
Start Password 360 application and touch I am a new user button. A screen will open up asking you to register/create your Master Key. You come up with your own Master Key. So enter any secret word or numbers that are easy for you to remember. Re-type your Master key in the field labeled Re-type Master Key to confirm that you have spelled it correctly.  The next step is to choose your security question and answer. We need this information to help you recover your Master Key in case you forget it. Once you have entered all required  data, touch the save button on your screen to save your Master Key. Well-done you have created your Master Key which you will use every time you sign in to Password 360.  
Forgot Your Master Key
In case you forget your Master Key, you can recover it if you have selected your security question and answer during Master Key setup.
On first sign in screen touch I forgot my Master Key button. Enter your security question and answer that you have selected previously during your Master Key setup. Once you enter your security question and answer press on Recover My Master Key button. If your security question and answer matches with the stored question and answer then your master key will show up next to Your Master Key:. If you do not remember your security question and answer then select I do not remember my security question from the question list. You will be instructed to send an email to Once we receive the request we will follow up with you in timely fashion. 

My Passwords

This screen lists all of your accounts/passwords with other institutions that you have stored in Password 360. You can view full details of an entry by touching on that entry. When you touch on an entry a menu comes up asking if you want to View, Edit or Delete the entry.  When you select View from the menu the password details screen opens up in read-only mode. When you select Edit the password entry screen opens up in edit mode and it will allow you to save your changes. When you click on Delete from the menu a message box comes up asking you to confirm the delete operation. When you delete an entry it is deleted permanently.

Add Password
The option to add new password entry comes up in My Passwords List in the top toolbar with plus(+) button. You will be presented with a new password entry screen with below fields:
Nick Name:*  Set a title for your password entry. This name will be displayed in the password list. If you are storing your login info for Walmart then you should name this as Walmart.  
User ID:* Enter your user id with the institution named in the nickname field above.
Password:* Your password for your above User ID.
URL(Website): Web address of your institution whose info you are storing.    
Notes: Enter any notes that you want to store with this entry.

Export Passwords
You can export all password entries in encrypted format(AES 128 bits).The exported file(password360.csv) is copied to /Password360 folder. You can move this exported file to your computer to make a backup of your password entries. This feature is accessible in the password list. You can export the password list by pressing the Menu button on your device and then pressing the More button. 

Import Passwords
If you have any difficulty importing the passwords then feel free to contact tech support to get help.
You can import your password entries using a comma separated file(.csv). 

You can activate the import function from the Password list by clicking on the menu button on your device and then clicking More button.
This feature was tested by creating the csv file using MS Excel.
-Password import file name must be password360.csv
-Password import file password360.csv must be copied onto your device under /password360 folder 
-Make sure that your spreadsheet program is not adding additional characters to the field names after you save the passwords in csv format.
-If you are using OpenOffice spreadsheet program to create the csv file then you might have to remove the double quotes(") from the field names before you try to import the passwords.  
-The file must have below column names, the note cell should not have multiple rows otherwise first note line will be imported   
Name,   UserID,   Password,   URL,   Note
(**DO NOT copy and paste field headings from here because this will add other special characters to the csv file. You should hand type these column names in your csv file using MS Excel or any other tool.) 
You can activate settings screen from My Password list by pressing on menu button in the top toolbar in the app then press Settings button from the menu. Below is list of settings that you can configure in Password 360.
Auto Lock (Settings) 
Using this setting you can select screen time out period. In case you forget to sign out from your Password 360 application then this feature will auto lock the application and it would require the master key to sign in. By default the screens that display your passwords will time out in 2 minutes. You can change this period to 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minutes or never.  The default time out of 2 minutes does not apply when you are adding a new password entries. The auto lock features is enabled on My Passwords, Search Password and add new password entry screens.

Recovery Question ( Settings) 
You can set up/change your security question and answer to recover your master key. Choose a question from the list of questions and then provide the answer to the selected question. Once you select your security question and answer then press the Save button. Using this security question and answer you will be able to recover your master key in case you forget your master key in future. To recover your master key press on I forgot my Master Key button in the sign in screen. Sign in screen is the first screen that shows up when you run Password 360 application.

Password Visibility( Settings ) 
You may choose to not show user id and the password in My Password and Search list for security reasons. To turn off the visibility of user id and password in these lists you should uncheck the Password Visibility box.

Change Master Key(Settings)

You can change your Master Key by selecting this option. Your passwords entries/security question will move over to the new Master Key. You must enter your current Master Key and new Master Key twice and then press the Save button. After you save your new Master Key, you must sign out and then sign back in using your new Master Key. 
Font Size( Settings ) 
You can change the font size for My Password list and Search List. Pressing on this setting will open up a screen that will let you change the font size.

Automatic Google Backup/Restore(Hard reset device)

Automatic backup/restore of passwords is turned on by default to backup your encrypted passwords on Google servers/phone storage.  The passwords are backed up when you use the app. The backup is encrypted using AES 128 bits. This feature will be very useful in case you hard reset your device. Now you do not need to worry about losing your data.

Restore Passwords on new device

When you replace your phone then you have to move your passwords back up file from old phone to new phone. The back up file sits on your old phone under /Password360 folder. The back up file is named like a date for example 20140105.bak.

Please move your passwords back up file from old phone to new phone. Make sure that you move it to directly under /Password360 folder on your new phone.

Once the back up file is copied to new phone then simply sign in to the app on your new phone using your master key from the old phone and then the app would restore your passwords on your new phone.

You can use your PC to move your back up file from old phone to new phone.

If you have Password 360 Plus app which comes with PC app then you can sync your new device with the PC app to restore your passwords on your new device.

Gestures Support

You can draw letters by hand in the passwords list to perform a quick search of your passwords to quickly find an entry. List of all gestures is available in the settings screen.