Publications by Kas Thomas (partial list)



Novell documentation samples

(see, in particular, the Composer user guides for LDAP Connect, HTML Connect, JMS Connect, Telnet, and JDBC, plus the Process Manager User's Guide)




PlanetPDF articles

Dr. Dobbs Journal article

MacTech articles

(full index at blogs (over 100 links)


Acrobat 5 PDF Bible

Yours truly wrote Chapter 19. See Acknowledgements section of book.


Acrobat JavaScript API documentation (Acrobat 5)

Also known as Adobe Acrobat Tech Note #5186. Yours truly wrote the first 40 pages.


SVG articles

I wrote some of the first articles about Scalable Vector Graphics for



 Book: Fly the Engine (revised edition)

This book (which I wrote in 1993 and revised in 2007) has become something of a classic in aviation circles. It's available online from at



Article on Mobil AV-1 Oil (from TBO Advisor)

In the 1990s, I published a technical newsletter for aircraft owners called TBO Advisor. One of the more popular articles from the newsletter was this one on Mobil synthetic oil:


ImageJ Plug-in

I wrote a JavaScript binding (with scripting editor+console) for the NIH ImageJ open-source image editor. See for complete package, including documentation.

Callisto 1.0 ShareWare for Mac

In the 1990s, I wrote a PhotoShop plug-in called Callisto, which was a 3D displacement modeller that made extensive use of Apple's QuickDraw3D API. The plug-in won a four-mouse rating from MacWeek. Sadly, no documentation survives. But I found this neat screenshot on The Wayback Machine.