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Senior Demo Reel Finished

My Senior demo reel is finished. It includes photo-real models, maya particles, a lighting test in mental ray, a walk cycle, a short animation, 3D graphing done in MEL script, and the winning SkillsUSA Colorado state 3D Animation for 2008. All work is original with no tutorial.

SkillsUSA 3D Animation State Champion

My partner Nathan Witt and I won the SkillsUSA 3D animation competition in Colorado Springs on April 11. We get to compete in nationals in Kansas in June. The winning video is below. The prompt was "Create a 20-40 second Department of Transportation presentation pointing out the safety issues with a new transportation related device from the year 2050." See it on the 3D Artwork page.

Suzuki GSXR1000 Complete!

The SuzukiGSXR1000 is done. Check it out on my 3D page.

Current 3D Project: Suzuki GSXR 1000

Goin pretty good. Just need to finish the rear end of the bike now. And of course texture the whole thing. When I finish it, I'll post some good fullscreen renders. Probably some animations too that will go in my demo reel.

3D Nissan Skyline Finished!

Check out some of the final renders on the wallpaper page.

e200 Hack Site Up

Check out http://e200.digerati1338.googlepages.com. It has a reverse bootloader build and a custom bootloader to load multiple themes.