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In my free time I love to work with open source projects. I chose to get involved as a volunteer in One Laptop per Child and SugarlabsSugar is an open source desktop environment designed with the goal of being used by children for interactive learning. Developed as part of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project, it is the default interface on OLPC XO-1 family of laptop computers, but also runs on most computers' hardware. 


My contributions to OLPC - XO laptops

 DevelopWeb is an Activity for Web Development using which children can develop Web Sites through HTML, Javascript and other web technologies. Children can learn quickly how to develop web pages in a step by step approach through examples provided for each HTML component.

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WikipediaHI is a Sugar activity for providing offline access to Wikipedia in Hindi language. I was involved as a developer in this alongwith Gonzalo Odiard

 Oopsy is a Sugar activity that will allow children to develop C/C++ programs, compile them and execute them to learn, explore and have fun!

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OLPC School Server Community Edition (XSCE)

XSCE provides communication, networking, content, and maintenance to schools and classrooms. In everyday usage, the school server extends capabilities of connected laptops and devices with services in these areas, towards giving kids the very best learning opportunities imaginable: 
  • Classroom connectivity – Similar to what you would find in an advanced home router.
  • Internet gateway – If available, an internet connection is made available to laptops/devices.
  • Content – Tools to make educational media available to schools and classrooms.
  • Maintenance – Tools to keep laptop/devices updated and running smoothly.

I am involved as a volunteer in XSCE school server development. I look at Sugar related aspects of the server. I am working on algorithms that could use the Round Robin Database(RRD) files that maintain journal logs for each connected XO laptops(client), to derive insights about usage pattern of activities by children. I believe this will help teachers and mentors understand children better in terms of interest, attention, duration spent through usage patterns and it will enable them to assess and encourage children. I am applying Machine Learning techniques to analyze the data to derive insights.


Project Bhagmalpur & OLPC Hack'13

Project Bhagmalpur ( Visit here for pics)    

Wikipedia Hindi- Developed one of the most widely used sugar activities at Bhagmalpur as children love it.
  • Played key role in OLPC XO laptops and XS School Server development and deployment in the remote Indian village of Bhagmalpur.
  • Played key role in deploying and connecting XS School Server to internet.
  • Thus connecting all XO laptops in Bhagmalpur to internet.
  • Responsible to teach children in Bhagmalpur learn to use XO laptops, XS school server for educational and social activities.
OLPC Hack'13
  • Designed and Developed OLPC Hack'13 Website using Bootrstrap framework ( )
  • Organized OLPC Hack'13 New Delhi to bring OLPC/Sugar Developers in and around Delhi region in India.

OLPC Hack'13 Deck

OLPC Hack '13 New Delhi Moments

I am a member of Google Developers Group, New Delhi. It provides a network for people who are interested in Google's open source technologies and also love the spirit of sharing in the field of technology. We have organized events like Hack-a-thons and seminars on Android,etc.

  • Involved as member in organizing National level eventGoogle Developers Group HACK 2012- App development contest to bring about the change in the society and country.
  • Involved in organizing National level event, Neighbourhood Watch Challenge- Place where we bring in bright minds with great ideas that will benefit our neighbourhood by addressing issues related to Women Safety, Cleanliness, Go-green, Improper surroundings. The finalist apps will be made available for common man's reach.
  • Speaker for GDG DevFest Women. Gave a talk on how to get started on Cloud Application Development, "Unleashing Cloud"

Unleashing Cloud