A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 

The first section shows workflow with QTpro 6, a little down, for QTpro 7... different user interface and a slightly different workflow...


There are many ways to accomplish that. A very, very simple way is, using a nice "title" in iMovie… Problem: some titles are too short to watermark a whole movie. (you can add a title, add it again, add it again…)

If you want a "logo" (=grafic) as watermark, that doesn't work…


1) launch your painting app, I do use Photoshop Elements…

2) size doesn't matter, in my example it is 150x80

3) I made it simple:


see in the Layer, I set just 40%… that makes it "transparent"…

save it as .psd file wherever you'll find it later…

now, QTpro:

open that .psd file (yeeees, QTpro is able to open Photoshop documents!)


this is how our .psd file looks like in QTplayer - NO transparency! aaarghghgh…




don't worry, it is there, well hidden......

now, you have selected all, copy, switch to your movie, you wish to add the watermark:


choose ADD SCALED… looks like this:

hit Apple-J, choose VIDEO TRACK 2… choose in the second lane SIZE

I don't want my watermark upper left, but centered! 

hit change, simply move the now red-bordered pic around the screen.




now, second lane, choose GRAFIC MODE and choose from dialog 





 ahhhh, our transparency is back!  a close up shows our watermark…  


 Here's how i looks like (in a google-video I should use less transparency...)


Again, open both files, the movie which shoud get a WATERMARK, and the .psd file with your logo, typo, whatever...-

Now, as discribed above: select all (Apple-A), choose "copy" (Apple-C), switch into the other window (movie file) and select "add scaled"



 this adds a second layer (1) to your movie, now we have to make it transparent and place it to your wanted position...

unfortunately, QTpro 7 lost the convenient "handlers" (s.above, QT6); plus, the position is calculated from the top-left corner of your insert... so, with some math or try'n error (2) , we place it in the center of our screen.


now, for your video layer 2, choose "alpha blend" from drop-down (3) ... done.



Export as dv-stream or in any codec-flavor you need..

Have Fun With iMovie!