using idvd-themes in iMovie

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 


 For some unknown reasons, most iDVD Themes miss an equivalent in iMovie. So, we have to trick. Unfortunately, those themes are no 'Quicktime movies' (= for the technical interested: Quartz animations) 

What I'm doing here is a rude conversion:

  • create theme in iDVD
  • convert 'DVD' into something useful with iMovie

Step 1: create theme & image

Fire-up iDVD, create your theme. You HAVE to add a 'movie project', create a 1min title-only placeholder, to make iDVD work.

choose 'Save as image', mount that image => a 'DVD' appears on your desktop.

Step 2: Conversion

There're tons of converters avail, I'm using here the free EVOM,

please donate, if you like this app, to support programmers for future projects.

In your image, you'll find two folders, the empty AUDIO_TS, and the VIDEO_TS folder, which contains the data: 

Usually VTS_01_0.VOB is the one with the 'Main Menu Animation' ... drag that into EVOM: 


Step 3: use in iMovie ... 

Finally, import that mov into iMovie.. quality is probably under your standards, due to conversion processes ... 

Have Fun with iMovie!