How-to handle vertical/'portrait'-stills with KB effect

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp   

In iM09 you stumble into a problem when using vertical/'portrait' sized stils:

 you can make it fit - means, the highth is max, therefor black bars l/r, but NO Ken Burns effect. 


.. you add the KB-effect.. but you can not Ken-Burns the whole pic.. ! To solve this prob, you have to change your portrait-sized pic into a landscape-shaped pic. 

I'm using Pixelmator, for sure you can use ANY other pic-processor, even abuse tools like Keynote. Open your pic … 

Pxelmator allows me to change the size of the socalled Canvas.. sotosay, the background, my pic lays on. Change that to a horizontal-orientated size, keep the aspect ratio in mind, 16:9 .. if your pic isn't too big, 1600x900 fits; or 3200x1800.. you got the idea... ;)

In my app, the checkerboard means: no content, transparent. We have to add something.. iM09 would add black, so we add black (yellow line just for demoing actual shape of pic.. )

for sure, you can use ANY color, or a pattern, or some of your very own designs.. two examples for your inspiration:

(this design I've stolen from some German TV-show.. ;)

Here's a demo … 

for sure, you can rotate your pic in your pic-processor!

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Have Fun with iMovie!