silent movie 
A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp

To be honest: it is NOT a silent movie... ;) 

a main effect is the music... but first things first: I open my movie clip with QTpro, choose Export, QT, and made a few settings:

Under Compression, I choose an "uneven" fps, in my case 15fps (my PAL camera has 25fpos, for sure) this adds some typical "jitter", in the Old Times, the cameras were driven by hand, mostly 15 - 18fps.. 



click Options and choose "Filter" (don't panic, my UI is German, your settings are English...)




The Quicktime Engine offers some filter functions...  Under Special effect, you'll find Colorize… 

choose black&white... hit Ok  

now you have a shakey b/w movie


Import that into iM (which will change the fps back to  normal…)  now, make it slightly faster…  and add some disturbences with "Movie look"  

 don't forget titles…  


  I have Zapfino on my Mac… nice, "old" typo…  the tildes are done with alt-N: ~~~~

Now, some more important "effects": 

• use the circle disolve 

• add some "old" music, this is Scott Joplins "Mapleleaf  Rag" in the "recording" from 1899, kind of historic midi-file, Joplin played a piano with these paper-rolls..-


Here's how it looks like:


Have Fun With iMovie!