A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp

At the support forum we often read, that people use a video camera as a still-camera ... means: they rotate it by 90°, to get "portrait" ...- hmm, no good in movie making ;)


The Easy Way: FREE plug-in

Christian from cf/x offers you a FREE plug-in on his website , you'll find it here (<< click)
This adds under video effects a Rotate option..

   Please support this one-man-company.. Christian did offer the iMovie community some wonderful 'effects' for a very low price.. and the new iM08 has no plug-ins anymore.. if you can afford it, buy some..


 For a slightly higher price, offers also a Rotate-plug-in.. you'll find it here (<< click)

The plug-ins are much more elaborated and teach iM≤6 lots of marvelous effects.. again, support the plug-in makers!

Rotate with QTpro 7

Export from within iM as "Quicktime/Full Quality"
open that file with QTpro 7
hit Apple-J, to see the settings
select video1, hit the round-arrow (1) - presto! turned! and looking very, very strange... it is not 4:3 ... 

exporting as dv will distort it completely:



so, how do we keep the video rotated AND create a 4:3 video...? 

I'm solving this problem by simply adding a "background"... in PhotoshopElements (or any other pic processor), create a still of your video standard's resolution (NTSC=720x480/PAL=768x546), save it as jpg, pic, tiff... 

open THAT file in QTpro7... select-all, copy (Apple-A, Apple-C)

switch to your open movie, select "add scaled"... ahaaa!

in the properties, you see "video2" (1), give this a HIGHER level number (2) (higher=backwards ... don't ask ME why...)


now, select video1 (your movie) and change its size... width should be 100% and highth 66% ... offset is H=130, V=0 ...

final result: 

 a 90° rotated movie, which imports perfect 4:3 into iMovie...


for sure, you can give your background any other color, or any design...:

 Rotate with MPEG Streamclip:

Download and use for free Mpeg Streamclip.
Export your clip from within iMovie as Quicktime/Full Quality.
Open that file with SC.
Choose 'Export as DV…'

Select the rotating you want in the drop-down menu, shown here:

Don't forget to zoom by 75%, or your video get's 'cropped' ...

Have Fun With iMovie!