rain with QC

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 

 Step #1 Open blizzard.mov

Use Quartz Composer to open the blizzard.mov file.. I like to do it via a context-menu... : 

Step #2 Switch-on background

the blizzard.qtz contains a background: click on/choose the Patch 'Gradient' (1), ... 

.. choose in the inspector 'enable'.

Now, the Viewer shows: 

Step #3 Change Flake to Drop

Click on/choose the Patch 'Image' (2) and in Inspector replace flake by drop.. 

create in any paint app a white spot, save it as png, jpeg, ... 

Click on 'Import from file' , choose your drop.png

Step #4 Let it rain!

Click on/choose Patch 'Particle System', click on Inspector: now the fun part - play with the 'knobs'.

The points are self-explainatory IF you ever used a 3D-app.. ;)

The first 3 values care for drops all across the screen.

The Velocity values care for .. ehm, velocity.

Gravity speeds-up the drops.. (try a negative value ;) ) 

Step #5 Stop playin'! SAVE!

In QC File dialog, you'll find a 'Export as Quicktime' option: choose location, in the next dialog choose size.. 

Don't forget to disable the background before saving - the rain then is on transparent background.

Here the file for download raindrops.mov 

Have Fun with iMovie!