pic comes alive
A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp 

First of all, you start with a movie in iM…Or a clip, which should become alive...

go to Frame 1 of that clip, hit Apple-F (as Frame, or Freeze)

you'll find that freeze on your Desktop…

now, launch PSE…


I have 4 pics open:
• a nice background, a wooden table, at last 4x larger then your freeze frame! (we need space for KB effect)
• the freeze frame from our movie
• two other pics... just for "deco"


looks like this:




now, do your compositing:

I added a white frame (10pix) around every pic, added a shadow, and turned the deco-elements.


Ken Burns Effect doesn't support rotation…


Final pic looks like this:



save that, as jpg, pic whatever... import that still into iPhoto… switch back to iMovie, select your processed freeze

now the tricky part:

as starting point select the whole pic

end point is a zoom to the size of the frame AS IN THE FOLLOWING CLIP…

probably, you have to play with the settings.


you see the clip twice in my timeline:

5 sec as plain freeze, then the zoom-in…


and because the last frame of that KB zoom fits to the first frame of the next clip -   IT'S ALIVE!!! 


Here's is, how it looks like: 





Have Fun With iMovie!