Parallax Shift in Motion5

ok, this is not iMovie, and it is by far not the first tutorial on this issue - but perhaps YOU made the leap from iMovie to FCPX/Motion5 as me, so, from an hobbyist's perspective: 

What's it about? 
Instead of many words, first a demo: 

Parallax Shift With M5

Somehow, a still picture not only moves (Low&Koenig aka 'Ken Burns') but has some 'depth'.
How is this done: 

step1 Prep Pic

This is my source - wooo, why do i look so .... grumpy? ;)

In any Paint-App, I prefer PIXELMATOR, you have to separate fore- and background.
Foreground is easy, but in the background you'll notice a hole: 

Three options:
• Don't care - I tell you later why
• 'stamp' it - many pic-processors offer stamping, healing, whatever - find out yourself
• or, you have a second shot of same scenery without foreground

step 2 Arranging in M5

Create a new project in Motion5, drag pictures into a Group. 

Add a new camera, select 3d

now, switch to a 'view from left' (or right, if you're a lefty ;) ) - select the foreground picture/track/layer

… and drag it towards the camera. in lower right of the Preview, you see the resulting picture. And here comes, why the hole is probably no problem: due to perspective, the foreground 'covers' the hole! If you add just small amounts of movement, there's no need to fix it.

step 3 Action!

Keeping things simple, I just drag a sweep from the Camera Behaviors onto it - done!

uhm, … no:

in my demo, you noticed two things:
too much perspective, a too steem angle shows, that the elements are as flat as pancake - illusion destroyed. so, don't exaggerate it .... !

and the background's too short! again: less is more

I made it wrong to show you the concept of this effect. 

There are two versions in the demo:
The 2nd one is a lil' different:
here, the foreground has its own 2D group, plus a slight shift from right to left - the camera movement is as much as before, but now the grumpy ol' man stares all time into cam. 

that's it - enjoy '3D Ken Burns'!