A Few Quick'n Dirty Tricks with iMovie 

Most/all PAL-DVD-players around the globe playback NTSC-DVDs. But.. the signal coming out is a - sorry for phrase - crippled PAL .. so, to avoid trouble overseas, convert your Projects to PAL   SIDENOTE: Works for PAL >> NTSC too! 

Step 1) Export

From  within your edit app, iMovie1-6, 08/09, FCE export in highest quality.. 1-6: Full Quality, from within 08/09/FCE, I would suggest, for quality and speed reasons, 'Export with QT/AppleIntermediate.. 

Step 2) JES Deinterlacer

Download for free from Jan's (=the J in the name of app) website http://www.xs4all.nl/~jeschot/home.html

Step 3) Conversion

drag your export.mov into JESDI, choose 'Projects/Standards Conversion/PAL'

let the other points kept untouched/as is .. 

Step 4) iDVD authors in PAL

set iDVD in its Prefs to PAL: 

you have to quit/relaunch to take changes in effect!

Drag your converted file into a New Project, burn, done .. 

Have Fun with iMovie!