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how to add a pointer

1) download my 'bag of pointers' from here CLICK , double-click it to un-zip it, put the folder in your PICTURES Folder, open the 'pointer' folder .. 

2) launch iMovie09 with your Project, you like to add a pointer to, in Prefs, switch-ON the Advanced-Tools. IMPORTANT in Project Properties, in the Timing tab, set "Initial Photo Placement" to "Crop" - NOT Fit in Frame or Ken Burns. (thanks, again ;) , John, for that!)

3) select a graphic from the Pointer-Folder, ll = lower left, lr = lower right, ul = upper left, ur = upper right, .. I made the basic colors, plus a black-outlined-one .. 

4) drag pointer.png ONTO clip in Project - cursor changes into a green + , select 'pic-in-pic

just drag'n drop .. 

5) to define length-of-display, drag the ends of the yellow box. to define position, drag graphic in the preview window, to change size drag white 'corners of graphic in preview window.

place where-ever you want ...

done! REALLY simple!

NOTE! It can happen, your clips gets 'stucked' in iMovie! The clip doesn't play, the pointer isn't shown - this is on Playback in iMovie only! After exporting the final project, and after iM finally did render the whole clips, the pointer is added, the clip is 'moving'. 
A little un-convenience ... but this is just a 'trick' , no Apple-intended feature.

PS: If you notice, that your arrow is 'moving' - iM is set to add the Ken Burns-Effect to any still. so, select the over-layered clip in your project, select the crop-tool and set to fit. Or crop. That stops the pointer from moving.

How to create your own pointer without additional software:

Your Mac came with all pre-installed, to create your own pointers. We 'abuse' the, which isn't meant as a 'painter' but offers nice pointers …-

Step #1:

Launch the, open any picture ... I recommend to open one with 16:9-aspect-ratio, in this example a screen-grab of a video. 

Step #2:

select all (Apple-A) and hit backspace - an empty preview-picture! Now on top of the window, you'll notice a tool-bar, click on 'annotations' ... 

Step #3:

On the bottom-left, you'll notice a small selection of tools: pointer, circle, box, text and color, thickness, font.

From here, it is Your imagination, what kind of pointer you like, how many, what color, even your own text-design. ok, less options, than an elaborated 'paint'.app would offer, but at least ...

Step #4:

Save as PNG (or tiff), only these 'formats' allow the grey part to be transparent. saving as a jpg for example, makes it plain white ... 

Have fun with your pointers! :D

A Few Rules

• one png per clip - if you need two pointers in same scenery, make/paint a png containing two .. 
• no additional 'effects' in such a scene, this includes dissolves .. 
• do NOT touch the 'fit to screen/Ken Burns' buttons in the preview window! that instantly destroys the transparency! you have to erase the pointer-clip in your project and add the pointer from the folder again!

This is a 'trick', no Apple-intended feature of iMovie09/11!
It can work, it can not … 
Read the Note above about 'stuck'.
Me no engineer, advice best to my knowledge.
Me no designer, if you need special graphics, paint your own …