iMovie 09 Jello demo

A Few Quick'N Dirty Tricks With Apple's VideoEditApp  

Apple tells any user of camcorders with socalled CMOS, that Stabilization has some effect .. 

To demo this socalled Jello-Effect , correct term: Rolling Shutter, I made a short demo, using a CMOS-device with no on-board stabilization: 

focus while watching a) on horizon (shakey vs. stable) and background (clouds 'pumping')

How come? A bug in iMovie…?

No: the chips inside the cameras use different techniqués to read out the frame. A CCD reads-out each frame as a whole frame, like on film. A CMOS-chip reads-out each frame line-per-line. If the object moves fast or camera pans => object gets distorted, like in this simple demo: 

In video, the objects start to behave like jello-jelly.. watch the above linked video in HQ .. 

DSLR as HiDef-Camcorder?

considering buying one of those 'oh-so-famous' DSLR's, which claim to offer Hollywood on a pro-sumer price-level? pics are marvelous, no question.. but avoid any pans ;)

from vimeo: 

Rolling Shutter compared: D90 vs 5D mark II vs GH1 vs 7D from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Have Fun with iMovie!