iM09 counter

Usually, you would need a second track - which iM09 doesn't offer. Or, in case you have some 'video' of a Counter, the pic-in-pic effect will add a 'box' inside your video. We do better:

Step 1: Create charts

You'll need any pic-processor (here: Pixelmator) to create pics with a transparent (!) background. And, you guess it, for each second one picture ...

/click to enlarge/

IMPORTANT! you have to save each picture in a format which keeps the transparency! here: .png

Step 2: Convert stills to .mov

Now, you have a bunch of stills, you have Quicktime7/pro (dont' you?) and all files are named by the scheme name001, name002 .. in QT/pro, choose 'Open Picture Sequence', choose as 'framerate' 1 fps. 

Export your, again keep the transparency! So, choose as codec 'animation'.

Step 3: Insert into your iM09 Project

Import the (if you like to test it CLICK HERE to download mine) - you'll notice, that it will look a bit .. odd. The Thumbnails can not handle the 'emptyness' of transparent backgrounds...- 

Add your counter to your clip by choosing Pic-in-Pic … 

… and place your counter where ever you like it .. 


.. but not only just plain white digits .. 
• how about some motion-blurr; between two seconds add a 'blurred' inbetween ..  
• or, add some nice background-bar .. 
• or, create your own 'lower third' design .. 
• or, paint some frames of an animated sandclock ..

Demo: and here is our counter in action: .. 

Counter in iMovie09